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K. B. Quinan

Kenneth Bingham Quinan CH, usually known as K.B. Quinan, was an American born chemical engineer... more »

K. Eric Drexler

Kim Eric Drexler is an American engineer best known for popularizing the potential of molecular... more »

K. R. Rao

K. R. Rao is a full professor of electrical engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington... more »

Kafeel Ahmed

Kafeel Ahmed was one of two Islamic terrorists behind the 2007 Glasgow International Airport... more »

Kai-Fu Lee

Kai-Fu Lee is a Chinese IT venture capitalist, executive, writer, micro-blogger, and computer... more »

Kálmán Kandó

Kálmán Kandó de Egerfarmos et Sztregova was a Hungarian engineer, and a pioneer in the... more »

Kálmán Tihanyi

Kálmán Tihanyi, was a Hungarian physicist, electrical engineer and inventor. One of the early... more »

Kalpana Chawla

Kalpana Chawla was born in Karnal, India. She was the first Indian American astronaut and first... more »

Kanagaratnam Sriskandan

Kanagaratnam Sriskandan was a Sri Lankan born British engineer and civil servant. He was the... more »

Kaqusha Jashari

Kaqusha Jashari is a Kosovo Albanian politician and engineer. She is a member of the Assembly of... more »

Karapet Chobanyan

Karapet Chobanyan is an Armenian scientist. He was a talented scientist and engineer who... more »

Karl Benz

Karl Friedrich Benz was a German engine designer and car engineer, generally regarded as the... more »

Karl Christian von Langsdorf

Karl Christian von Langsdorf, also known as Carl Christian von Langsdorff, was a German... more »

Karl Emil Ståhlberg

Karl Emil Ståhlberg was a Finnish photographer and engineer. He founded and managed his own... more »

Karl Guthe Jansky

Karl Guthe Jansky was an American physicist and radio engineer who in August 1931 first... more »

Karl Jakob Weber

Karl Jakob Weber was a Swiss architect and engineer who was in charge of the first organized... more »

Karl Johan Åström

Karl Johan Åström is a notable Swedish control theorist, who made contributions to the fields of... more »

Karl Küpfmüller

Karl Küpfmüller was a German electrical engineer, who was prolific in the areas of... more »

Karl Lundgren

Karl Lundgren is the father of Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren. more »

Karl Müller

Karl Müller is a Swiss engineer and businessman. He is the creator of the Masai Barefoot... more »

Karl Otto Lange

Karl Otto Heinrich Lange, Dr.-Ing. was a pioneer in aviation, atmospheric science, engineering... more »

Karl Peglau

Karl Peglau was a German traffic psychologist who invented the iconic Ampelmännchen traffic... more »

Karl Probst

Karl Probst was an American freelance engineer and automotive pioneer, credited with the design... more »

Karl Rabe

Karl Rabe was an automobile designer and was the Chief Designer at Porsche. He helped Ferdinand... more »

Karl Rapp

Karl Friedrich Rapp was founder and owner of the Rapp Motorenwerke GmbH in Munich. In time this... more »

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