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Ken Mattingly

Thomas Kenneth Mattingly II, better known as Ken Mattingly, is a retired American astronaut,... more »

Ken Michael

Kenneth Comninos Michael AC was the 32nd Governor of Western Australia, succeeding Lieutenant... more »

Ken Olsen

Kenneth Harry Olsen was an American engineer who co-founded Digital Equipment Corporation in... more »

Ken Scott

Ken Scott is a British record producer/engineer widely known for being one of the five main... more »

Kendall McComas

Kendall McComas was an American child actor. more »

Kenjiro Takayanagi

Kenjiro Takayanagi was a Japanese pioneer in the development of television. Although he failed... more »

Kenneth Bigley

Kenneth John "Ken" Bigley was a British civil engineer who was kidnapped in the al-Mansour... more »

Kenneth D. Cameron

Kenneth Donald Cameron is a retired colonel in the United States Marine Corps and former NASA... more »

Kenneth Edgeworth

Kenneth Essex Edgeworth, DSO, MC was an Irish astronomer, economist and engineer. He is best... more »

Kenneth Mason

Kenneth Mason MC was a soldier and geographer notable as the first statutory professor of... more »

Kenneth Nichols

Major General Kenneth David "Nick" Nichols was a United States Army officer and an engineer. He... more »

Kent Brewster

Kent Brewster is a writer, editor, and publisher. He was the publisher and frequent editor of... more »

Kevin Constantine

Kevin Lars Constantine is the head coach of the Everett Silvertips. Constantine has coached... more »

Kevin Cuthbert

Kevin Cuthbert is the father of Elisha Cuthbert. more »

Kevin Elson

Kevin Elson is an American record producer and engineer who is best known for his work with... more »

Kevin Robert Elz

Kevin Robert Elz, often referred to in computing circles as Robert Elz, or simply kre, is a... more »

Kevin Warwick

Kevin Warwick is a British scientist and professor of cybernetics at the University of Reading... more »

Kevin Whitrick

Kevin Neil Whitrick was a British citizen and an electrical engineer. Whitrick's death was... more »

Khairat el-Shater

Mohammed Khairat Saad el-Shater is an Egyptian engineer, businessman and Islamist political... more »

Khaled Al Sabawi

Khaled Al Sabawi is a Canadian-Palestinian engineer and Founder and President of MENA Geothermal... more »

Khalid Aman

Khalid Aman is a pipeline engineer. more »

Kim Hendren

Kim Dexter Hendren is a Republican former member of the Arkansas State Senate who served as... more »

Kim Ung-yong

Kim Ung-yong is a Korean civil engineer and former child prodigy. Kim was listed in the Guinness... more »

Kirk paul lafler

Kirk Paul Lafler is an American engineer, programmer, entrepreneur, consultant and founder of... more »

Kishor C. Mehta

Dr. Kishor C. Mehta is recognized worldwide as an authority on Wind Engineering. He is the first... more »

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