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Kitaw Ejigu

Kitaw Ejigu was an Ethiopian American scientist who worked for NASA as Chief of Spacecraft and... more »

Klaus Filter

Klaus Filter is a German racing shell designer who could be considered the most successful... more »

Klaus Holighaus

Klaus Holighaus was a glider designer, glider pilot and entrepreneur. Klaus Holighaus was born... more »

Klaus Knopper

Klaus Knopper is a German electrical engineer and free software developer. Knopper is the... more »

Klaus Riedel

Klaus Riedel was a German rocket pioneer. He was involved in many early liquid-fuelled rocket... more »

Klaus Traube

Klaus Traube is a German engineer and former manager in the German nuclear power industry and... more »

Knut Frænkel

Knut Hjalmar Ferdinand Frænkel was a Swedish engineer and arctic explorer who perished in the... more »

Kofi Yamgnane

Kofi Yamgnane is a French-Togolese politician. Former engineer in the French Bridges and Roads... more »

Kolya Derevenko

Nikolai "Kolya" Vladimirovich Derevenko (1906-1999) was the son of the court physician of... more »

Konrad Dannenberg

Konrad Dannenberg was a German-American rocket pioneer and member of the German rocket team... more »

Konrad Guderski

Konrad Guderski was a Polish engineer and military officer. He was the organizer and commander... more »

Konrad Kyeser

Konrad Kyeser was a German military engineer, author of Bellifortis, a book on military... more »

Konrad Zuse

Konrad Zuse was a German civil engineer, inventor and computer pioneer. His greatest achievement... more »

Konstantin Chelpan

Konstantin Fyodorovich Chelpan was a prominent Ukrainian-Soviet engineer of Greek background... more »

Konstantin Feoktistov

Konstantin Petrovich Feoktistov was a Soviet cosmonaut and an eminent space engineer. Feoktistov... more »

Konstantin Khrenov

Konstantin Konstantinovich Khrenov was a Soviet engineer and inventor who in 1932 introduced... more »

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky was a Russian and Soviet rocket scientist and pioneer of the... more »

Konstantinos Moutsatsou

Konstantinos Moutsatsou is an engineer and the brother of Katerina Moutsatsou. more »

Kosmik Kommando

Mike Dred is the general pseudonym of experimental techno DJ, producer, and sound engineer... more »

Kotaro Shimomura

Kotaro Shimomura was a Japanese chemical engineer known for many famous inventions. more »

Krafft Arnold Ehricke

Krafft Arnold Ehricke was a German rocket-propulsion engineer and advocate for space colonization. more »

Krishan Sabnani

Krishan Sabnani is an Indian-American engineer and Senior Vice President of the Networking... more »

Krister Axel

Krister Axel is a French musician, poet and software engineer. more »

Kristina M. Johnson

Kristina M. Johnson is an American former government official, academic, engineer, and business... more »

Kristoffer Olsen Oustad

Kristoffer Olsen Oustad was a Norwegian-American engineer who designed major structures in the... more »

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