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T. Coleman du Pont

Thomas Coleman du Pont was an American engineer and politician, from Greenville, Delaware. He... more »

T. Leslie Youd

T. Leslie Youd is an American geotechnical engineer and earthquake engineer, and is one of the... more »


Mariano di Jacopo detto il Taccola, called Taccola, was an Italian polymath, administrator,... more »

Tad Alexander

Tad Alexander was an actor and an engineer. more »

Tad Pelka

Tad Pelka is the father of Valentine Pelka. more »

Tadahiro Sekimoto

Tadahiro Sekimoto was a Japanese electronics engineer, a recipient of the IEEE Medal of Honor,... more »

Tadao Baba

Tadao Baba is a retired Japanese motorcycle engineer, the original designer of the Honda Fireblade. more »

Tadek Marek

Tadeusz "Tadek" Marek was a Polish automobile engineer, known for his Aston Martin... more »

Tadeusz Chyliński

Tadeusz Chylinski – was a Polish airplane designer and constructor, a researcher at the... more »

Tadeusz Kościuszko

Andrzej Tadeusz Bonawentura Kościuszko is a national hero in Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, and the... more »

Tadeusz Sendzimir

Tadeusz Sendzimir of Ostoja coat of arms was a Polish engineer and inventor of international... more »

Tadeusz Sołtyk

Tadeusz Sołtyk was a Polish aircraft designer and engineer, most famous as the creator of the... more »

Tadeusz Tański

Tadeusz Tański was a Polish automobile engineer and the designer of, among others, the first... more »

Tadeusz Zagajewski

Tadeusz Zagajewski was a Polish electronic engineer. Professor and honoris causa of Silesian... more »

Taichi Yamazaki

Taichi Yamazaki is a space engineer, and spouse of Japanese astronaut Naoko Yamazaki. more »

Takao Doi

Takao Doi is a Japanese astronaut and a veteran of two NASA space shuttle missions. Doi holds a... more »

Takashi Hasegawa

Takashi Hasegawa is an electrical engineer and programmer, who works at the Optoelectronic... more »

Takehisa Yaegashi

Takehisa Yaegashi is a retired engineer for Toyota Motor Corporation. He led the team that... more »

Takeshi Yoshida

Takeshi Yoshida is chief engineer for the 2000 Toyota Corolla and a Senior Managing Director of... more »

Talmadge L. Heflin

Talmadge Loraine Heflin is a Republican Party former member of the Texas House of... more »

Tanaka Hisashige

Tanaka Hisashige was a Japanese engineer and inventor who founded in 1875 what became the... more »

Tang Zhongming

Tang Zhongming was a Chinese engineer and inventor. Zhong-Ming Tang was born to a poor family in... more »

Taqi al-Din Muhammad ibn Ma'ruf

Taqi al-Din Muhammad ibn Ma'ruf al-Shami al-Asadi was an Ottoman Turkish Muslim polymath: He was... more »

Tara Ruttley

Tara M. Ruttley is Associate Program Scientist for the International Space Station at NASA's... more »

Tarek Madkour

Tarek Adel Madkour is an Egyptian singer. With a passion in music made his father bring a piano... more »

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