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Vitaly Zholobov

Vitaly Mikhaylovich Zholobov was a Soviet cosmonaut who flew on Soyuz 21 space flight as the... more »

Vittorio Fossombroni

Vittorio Fossombroni was an Italian statesman, mathematician, economist and engineer. more »

Viv Fisher

Viv Fisher is an ex-BBC audio engineer and multivocalist who performed all parts of the Brass... more »

Vivek Paul

Vivek Paul is an Indian-born businessman and founder of KineticGlue, a cloud based software... more »

Vladi Vargas

Vladi Vargas is a music producer and sound engineer in Västerås, Sweden. Starting out as a Dj,... more »

Vladimir Chelomey

Vladimir Nikolayevich Chelomey was a Soviet mechanics scientist and rocket engineer from Ukraine. more »

Vladimir K. Zworykin

Vladimir Kosmich Zworykin was a Russian-American inventor, engineer, and pioneer of television... more »

Vladimir Komarov

Vladimir Mikhaylovich Komarov was a Soviet test pilot, aerospace engineer and cosmonaut in the... more »

Vladimir Kotelnikov

Vladimir Aleksandrovich Kotelnikov was an information theory and radar astronomy pioneer from... more »

Vladimir Kurshinskiy

Vladimir Kurshinskiy is an engineer by profession and father of Veronica Kurshinskiy. more »

Vladimir Mikhailovich Myasishchev

Vladimir Mikhailovich Myasishchev was a Soviet aircraft designer, Major General of Engineering,... more »

Vladimir Petlyakov

Vladimir Mikhailovich Petlyakov was a Soviet aeronautical engineer. Petlyakov was born in Sambek... more »

Vladimir Petrovsky

Vladimir Petrovsky was married to Lyudmila Chursina. more »

Vladimir Shukhov

Vladimir Grigoryevich Shukhov was a Russian engineer-polymath, scientist and architect renowned... more »

Vladimir Syromyatnikov

Vladimir Sergeevich Syromyatnikov was a Soviet and Russian space scientist best known for... more »

Vladimir Vakhmistrov

Vladimir Sergeyevich Vakhmistrov was a Soviet aviation engineer. He is most famous for creating... more »

Vladimir Vetchinkin

Vladimir Petrovich Vetchinkin was a Soviet scientist in the field of aerodynamics, aeronautics,... more »

Vladimir Voronin

Vladimir Nicolaevici Voronin is a Moldovan politician. He was the third President of Moldova... more »

Vladimir Yermolaev

Vladimir Grigoryevich Yermolaev, 1909–1944, was a Soviet aircraft designer, general-major of the... more »

Vladimir Yourkevitch

Vladimir Ivanovich Yourkevitch was a Russian naval engineer, developer of the modern design of... more »

Vladislav Volkov

Vladislav Nikolayevich Volkov was a Soviet cosmonaut who flew on the Soyuz 7 and Soyuz 11... more »

Voja Antonić

Voja Antonić is a Serbian inventor, journalist and writer. He was also a magazine editor and... more »

Volodymyr Biletskyy

Volodymyr Stefanovych Biletskyy is Doctor of Technical Sciences, Member of the Academy of... more »

Volodymyr Ivanovych Savchenko

Vladimir Ivanovich Savchenko was a Soviet Ukrainian science fiction writer. Born on 15 February... more »

Vostanik Marukhyan

Vostanik Marukhyan in Yerevan, Armenia was a Rector of State Engineering University of Armenia... more »

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