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W. E. P. Duncan

Wilfrid E.P. Duncan B.Sc. was one of legendary figures in the early period of the Toronto... more »

W. Edwards Deming

William Edwards Deming was an American statistician, professor, author, lecturer and consultant... more »

W. G. Craig

William Grindley Craig was chief mechanical engineer of the Manchester, Sheffield and... more »

W. Gene Corley

Dr. W. Gene Corley, P.E. was an American structural engineer and "preeminent expert on building... more »

W. K. Burton

William Kinnimond Burton was a British engineer, photographer and photography writer, born in... more »

W. R. Galbraith

William Robert Galbraith was a civil engineer in the United Kingdom during the late 19th and... more »

W.E.W. Petter

William Edward Willoughby "Teddy" Petter CBE was a British aircraft designer. He is noted for... more »

Wacław Żenczykowski

Wacław Żenczykowski, was a Polish structural engineer. He was a member of Polish Academy of... more »

Waldo Waterman

Waldo Dean Waterman was an inventor and aviation pioneer from San Diego, California. His most... more »

Waldo Wegner

Waldo Wegner was an American basketball player born in Everly, Iowa. Wegner was the first... more »

Walker Lee Cisler

Walker Lee Cisler was a noted American engineer, business executive, and a founding member of... more »

Wallace Carothers

Wallace Hume Carothers was an American chemist, inventor and the leader of organic chemistry at... more »

Wallis Clark

Wallis Clark was an actor. more »

Wally Rippel

Wally E. Rippel is a long-time developer and advocate of battery electric vehicles. Wally has a... more »

Walt Brown

Walter T. Brown is an American engineer and young earth creationist, who is the director of his... more »

Walter A. Shewhart

Walter Andrew Shewhart was an American physicist, engineer and statistician, sometimes known as... more »

Walter Bassett

Sir Walter Bassett was an Australian engineer widely recognised as the founder of lecture theaters. more »

Walter Bruch

Walter Bruch was a German engineer who invented the PAL color television system at Telefunken in... more »

Walter Chalmers

Walter Chalmers was a Scottish engineer. He followed his father into the North British Railway,... more »

Walter Dance

Walter Dance was the father of Charles Dance. more »

Walter Dornberger

Major-General Dr Walter Robert Dornberger was a German Army artillery officer whose career... more »

Walter Edwin Arnoldi

Walter Edwin Arnoldi was an American engineer mainly known for the Arnoldi iteration, an... more »

Walter Frederick Ferrier

Walter Frederick Ferrier was a Canadian geologist and mining engineer. He graduated from McGill... more »

Walter G. Roman

Walter Guy Roman, was born in Aspen, Colorado and died in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Walter was a... more »

Walter Golaski

Walter Golaski was an American Mechanical-Bio-Medical Engineer best known for developing Dense... more »

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