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Walter Gordon Wilson

Major Walter Gordon Wilson CMG was a mechanical engineer, inventor and member of the British... more »

Walter H. Schottky

Walter Hermann Schottky was a German physicist who played a major early role in developing the... more »

Walter Hassan

Walter Hassan OBE, C.Eng., M.I. Mech.E. was a distinguished UK automotive engineer who took part... more »

Walter Hohmann

Walter Hohmann was a German engineer who made an important contribution to the understanding of... more »

Walter Kenneth Wayne

Walter Kenneth Wayne was an engineer. more »

Walter M. Urbain

Walter Mathias Urbain is a distinguished American scientist who helped pioneer food science... more »

Walter Moberly

Walter Moberly was a civil engineer and surveyor who played a large role in the early... more »

Walter O. Hoffecker

Walter Oakley Hoffecker was an American engineer, businessman and politician from Smyrna in Kent... more »

Walter Riedel

Walter J H "Papa" Riedel was a German engineer who was the head of the Design Office of the Army... more »

Walter Schlage

Walter Reinhold Schlage was a German born engineer and inventor, known as the Lock Wizard of... more »

Walter Scott

Walter Scott was an engineer and the father of Martha Scott. more »

Walter Somers

Walter Somers was an English engineer and businessman who established a forge company, later... more »

Walter Thiel

Dr Walter Thiel was a German rocket scientist. Walter Thiel provided the decisive ideas for the... more »

Walther Bauersfeld

Walther Bauersfeld was a German engineer, employed by the Zeiss Corporation, who, on a... more »

Walther Meissner

Fritz Walther Meissner was a German technical physicist. Meissner was born in Berlin to Waldemar... more »

Walther Rathenau

Walther Rathenau was a German industrialist, politician, writer, and statesman who served as... more »

Wang Yongzhi

Wang Yongzhi, born in Changtu County, Liaoning, China, is an aerospace scientist and academician... more »

Warner T. Koiter

Warner Tjardus Koiter was an influential mechanical engineer and the Professor of Applied... more »

Warren A. Morton

Warren Allen Morton was a Casper oilman and engineer who served as Speaker of the Wyoming House... more »

Warren Jewell

Warren Jewell is the husband of Sally Jewell. more »

Wayne Hale

N. Wayne Hale Jr. is a former NASA engineer. Previously a flight director and space shuttle... more »

Wee Willie Davis

William "Wee Willie" Davis was an American film actor. He had previously been a wrestler. He... more »

Wei Hu

Wei Hu was a graduate student in Material Sciences and Engineering at Stanford University... more »

Weiron Holmberg

Weiron Holmberg is an actor and engineer. more »

Wendel Bollman

Wendel Bollman was an American self-taught civil engineer, best known for his iron railway... more »