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Conrad Appel

Conrad Henry Appel, III, is a Metairie, Louisiana, businessman who since 2008 has been a... more »

Constance Bennett

Constance Campbell Bennett was an American actress. more »

Cook Lougheed

Cook Olin Pierre "O.P." Lougheed was a Fort Wayne entrepreneur, Allen County Councilman, civil... more »

Corey J. Hodges

Corey James Hodges is an African-American preacher and a columnist for The Salt Lake Tribune... more »

Cornelius Scranton Bushnell

Cornelius Scranton Bushnell was an American railroad executive and shipbuilder who was... more »

Cornelius Vanderbilt

Cornelius Vanderbilt, also known by the sobriquet Commodore, was an American tycoon,... more »

Courtney Marit

Courtney Marit is a former contestant on the reality television show Survivor: Panama. more »

Craig Barron

Craig Barron is an American visual-effects supervisor who specializes in seamless matte painting... more »

Craig Malloy

Craig Malloy co-founded LifeSize Communications in January 2003 and currently serves as its CEO... more »

Craig McCaw

Craig McCaw is a Seattle-area businessman and entrepreneur who achieved success as a pioneer in... more »

Craig Mitnick

Craig Mitnick is an American lawyer, broadcaster and businessman. more »

Craig Newmark

Craig Alexander Newmark is an American Internet entrepreneur best known for being the founder of... more »

Craig Venter

John Craig Venter is an American biologist and entrepreneur. He is known for being one of the... more »

Curtis Bros. & Co

Curtis Bros. & Co. was a leading producer of doors, sashes, blinds and general house finishings... more »

Cutter Hodierne

Cutter Shepard Hodierne is a filmmaker and entrepreneur. He has directed short films, and worked... more »

Cynthia Holsclaw-Francis

Cynthia Holsclaw-Francis is the wife of Joe Francis. more »

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