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Liz Claiborne

Anne Elisabeth Jane "Liz" Claiborne was a Belgian-born American fashion designer and... more »

Liza Chambers

Liza Chambers is a Co-Founder of Soliya. more »

LL Cool J

James Todd Smith, better known as LL Cool J, is an American rapper, entrepreneur, and actor from... more »

Lloyd Dorfman

Lloyd Marshall Dorfman is a British entrepreneur and philanthropist. He founded the business... more »

Lloyd Laing

Lloyd George Laing is an internet entrepreneur based in Kingston, Jamaica. Since graduation from... more »

Lloyd Milby

Lloyd Milby is the father of Sam Milby. more »

Lloyd Price

Lloyd Price is an American R&B vocalist. Known as "Mr. Personality", after the name of one of... more »

Loïc Le Meur

Loïc Le Meur is a French entrepreneur and blogger. He served as Executive Vice President EMEA at... more »

Lois Wyse

Lois Wyse was an American advertising executive, author and columnist. At the time of her death,... more »

Long Gone John

Long Gone John is an American entrepreneur who is best known for his record label Sympathy for... more »

Loredana Groza

Loredana Groza is a Romanian pop singer-songwriter, model, actress, dancer, TV personality,... more »

Lorenzo Borghese

Lorenzo Borghese, also known as Prince Lorenzo Borghese, is an Italian-American businessman. He... more »

Lorenzo Fertitta

Lorenzo Joseph Fertitta is a Sicilian American businessman, casino executive, sports promoter... more »

Lorenzo Thione

Mr. Thione brings to Powerset years of research experience in computational linguistics... more »

Lorraine Kirke

Lorraine Kirke is a wife of Simon Kirke. more »

Lou Criscuolo

Lou Criscuolo is an actor. more »

Lou Duva

Louis "Lou" Duva is a boxing trainer and manager who has handled some of the most famous boxers... more »

Lou Pearlman

Louis Jay "Lou" Pearlman is an American impresario of successful 1990s boy bands such as the... more »

Louie Torrellas

Louie Joseph Torrellas is an American media personality, Emmy awarded actor, comedian, producer,... more »

Louis Bacon

Louis Moore Bacon is an American hedge fund manager, trader and founder of Moore Capital Management. more »

Louis Bamberger

Louis Bamberger was Newark, New Jersey's leading citizen from the early 1900s until his death in... more »

Louis Davenport

Llewellyn Marks "Louis" Davenport was a Spokane, Washington businessman best known for... more »

Louis Huth

Louis Huth, was a British art collector, art dealer and patron of Aesthetic movement artists. more »

Louis Lesser

Louis Lesser was an American business magnate. He received frequent press coverage in the 1950s... more »

Louis Marx

Louis Marx was an American toy maker and businessman whose company, Louis Marx and Company, was... more »

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