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Solo Avital

Solo Avital is a professional artist in several fields of expertise. An award winning filmmaker,... more »

Solomon Andrews

Solomon Andrews was a British entrepreneur and head of the Solomon Andrews and Son bus and... more »

Soma Edirisinghe

Soma Edirisinghe is an entrepreneur, a film producer, a philanthropist and a social worker in... more »

Song Dai

Song Dai is a film producer. more »

Sonia Doubell

Sonia Doubell is an actress, model, singer, and entrepreneur. more »

Sonja Buholzer

Sonja A. Buholzer is a bestselling Swiss writer specializing in management consulting and... more »

Sonny Black

Anis Mohamed Youssef Ferchichi, better known as Bushido, is a German rapper. The word Bushido is... more »

Soorah Ahn

Soorah Ahn, sister of Philip Ahn, is an entrepreneur. more »

Sorin Cismas

Sorin Cismas is the CTO and founder of Mobilygen. Sorin was previously the Chief Scientist at... more »

Sorrells Pickard

Sorrells Pickard is an actor, singer, songwriter and businessman. more »

Soulja Boy

DeAndre Cortez Way, better known by his stage name Soulja Boy Tell 'Em, or simply Soulja Boy, is... more »

Spaceman Patterson

William “Spaceman” Patterson is a composer, arranger, producer and entrepreneur. Patterson... more »

Spencer Penrose

Spencer Penrose was a businessman, entrepreneur, venture capitalist and philanthropist at the... more »

Srini Raju

Chintalapati Srinivasa Raju, popularly known as Srini Raju, is an Indian Information Technology... more »

Stacy Dallman

Stacy Dallman is an entrepreneur and a blogger. more »

Stacy Peralta

Stacy Peralta is an American director and entrepreneur. Peralta was previously a professional... more »

Stan Kroenke

Enos Stanley "Stan" Kroenke is an American business entrepreneur. He is the owner of Kroenke... more »

Stan Ovshinsky

Stanford Robert Ovshinsky was a prolific American inventor and scientist who had been granted... more »

Stan Shuster

Stan Shuster is an entrepreneur. more »

Stanley Clarke

Sir Stanley Clarke CBE, was an English businessman, a self-made millionaire property developer,... more »

Stanley Dashew

Stanley Aaron Dashew was an American entrepreneur, inventor, philanthropist, and sailor who... more »

Stanley Foster Reed

Stanley Foster Reed was an entrepreneur, inventor, and publisher who founded Reed Research Inc... more »

Stanley Ho

Stanley Ho GBM GLM GBS GML OBE, also known as Ho Hung Sun, Stanley Ho Hung Sun, is a Hong Kong... more »

Stanley M. Rumbough, Jr.

Stanley M. Rumbough, Jr. was born in New York City and attended Yale University. For many years... more »

Stanley Tong

Stanley Tong; is a Hong Kong film director, producer, action choreographer, screenwriter,... more »

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