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Stav Prodromou

Stavro Evangelo "Stav" Prodromou is a Greek American businessman, and the founder and former... more »

Stefan Wanner

Stefan Wanner is a member of the board of Peace In Action. more »

Stelios Haji-Ioannou

Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou is a British entrepreneur of Greek-Cypriot origin, currently resident... more »

Stepan Pachikov

Stepan Alexandrovich Pachikov is the co-founder of ParaGraph Intl., Parascript, Evernote Corp... more »

Stephan Roppel

Stephan Roppel is the owner of Gutefrage.net. more »

Stephanie Hayman

Stephanie Hayman is an entrepreneur and the sister of Leslie Hayman. more »

Stephanos Deltas

Stephanos Deltas was the spouse of Penelope Delta. more »

Stephen A. Jarislowsky

Stephen A. Jarislowsky, CC GOQ is a Canadian financier, businessman and philanthropist. He is... more »

Stephen A. Marks

Stephen Marks is a British fashion retailer and founder, chairman and chief executive of the... more »

Stephen A. Schwarzman

Stephen Allen Schwarzman is an American business magnate and financier. He is the Chairman and... more »

Stephen Balaban

pretty awesome guy. more »

Stephen Bronfman

Stephen Bronfman is an entrepreneur and theatrical producer. more »

Stephen Foster Briggs

Stephen Foster Briggs was an American engineer, co-founder of the Briggs & Stratton... more »

Stephen Fowler

Stephen Fowler is a British ex-patriate who became (in-)famous for his performance on the ABC... more »

Stephen Gilfus

Stephen Gilfus is an American businessman and entrepreneur. He is a founder of Blackboard Inc... more »

Stephen Girard

Stephen Girard was a French-born, naturalized American, philanthropist and banker. He personally... more »

Stephen M. Ross

Stephen M. Ross is an American real estate developer, philanthropist and sports team owner. Ross... more »

Stephen Parker

Stephen Parker is the father of Sarah Jessica Parker. more »

Stephen Schott

Stephen Schott is a real estate developer and businessman from California, best known for his... more »

Stephen Wyle

Stephen Wyle is the biological father of Noah Wyle. more »

Sterling Ball

Sterling Ball is the owner of Music Man. more »

Steve Blank

Steve Blank is a Silicon Valley serial-entrepreneur and academician who is based in Pescadero,... more »

Steve Bolton

Steve Bolton is a British property investor, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and author. more »

Steve Case

Stephen McConnell "Steve" Case is an American businessman best known as the former chief... more »

Steve Fossett

James Stephen "Steve" Fossett was an American businessman, and a record-setting aviator, sailor,... more »

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