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Barbara Engel

Barbara Engel is a fashion designer and actor. more »

Barði Jóhannson

Barði Jóhannsson is an Icelandic rock musician, film composer, writer, TV show host, author,... more »

Bella Freud

Bella Freud is a London-based fashion designer with a number of celebrity clients. more »

Belma Ozdemir

Belma Özdemir is a costume designer. more »

Ben de Lisi

Ben de Lisi is an American born fashion designer based in London. He is best known for his... more »

Benny Ong

Benny Ong is a Singaporean fashion designer. His work is produced under his own label, The Ong,... more »

Bernard Chandran

Dato' Bernard Chandran is a Malaysian fashion designer. His talents have earned him many... more »

Bertha Guyett

Bertha Guyett was the wife of Milton Reid. more »

Beth Cahill

Beth Cahill is an American television actress who is best known for having been a featured cast... more »

Beth Levine

Beth Levine was an American fashion designer most known for her designs from the 1940s through... more »

Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson is an American fashion designer best known for her feminine and whimsical... more »

Betsy Hoyt Stephens

Betsy Hoyt Stephens is a clothing and accessories designer. more »

Betty Jackson

Betty Jackson, CBE is a British fashion designer based in London, England. She was born in... more »


Bijan Pakzad, generally known simply as bijan, was an Iranian designer of menswear and fragrances. more »

Bill Belew

William Lewis Belew was an American costume designer who created stage outfits worn, among... more »

Bill Blass

William Ralph "Bill" Blass was an American fashion designer, born in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He was... more »

Biricik Suden

Biricik Suden is a fashion designer. more »

Blanca Araque

Blanca Araque is a fashion designer and the mother of Stella Oliveros. more »

Bob Mackie

Robert Gordon "Bob" Mackie is an American fashion designer, best known for his costuming for... more »

Bonnie Cashin

Bonnie Cashin is considered one of the most significant pioneers of designer ready-to-wear, more... more »


Elie Yaffa, better known under his stage name Booba is a French rapper. After a brief stint as a... more »

Boy George

Boy George is an English singer-songwriter, who was part of the English New Romanticism movement... more »

Boysie Villavicencio

Boysie Villavicencio is a fashion designer and a painter. more »

Brady Cunningham

Brady Cunningham is a fashion designer, art director and businessperson. more »

Brian Bailey

Brian Bailey is a Toronto, Ontario, Canada based fashion designer. He designs for women and has... more »

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