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Ada Kadiu

Ada Kadiu is the sister of the dancer Kledi Kadiu. more »

Ada Katz

Ada Del Moro Katz is the wife and model of Alex Katz. more »

Ada M.Coppin

Ada M.Coppin was the mother of late actress Grace Coppin. more »

Ada Maddocks

Ada Maddocks was a British trade union official. Born in Felixstowe, Maddocks grew up in... more »

Ada Marina Ruiz

Ada Marina Ruiz is the wife of actor José Carlos Ruiz. more »

Ada Marta Chango

Ada Marta Chango is the daughter of actress Emma Suárez and Andy Chango. more »

Ada Mary McEnery

Ada Mary McEnery is the mother of Peter and John McEnery. more »

Ada Masenza

Ada Masenza was the wife of late Totò Majorana. more »

Ada Maxwell

Ada Maxwell was the mother of Olive Carey more »

Ada Meaney

Ada Meaney is the daughter of actor Colm Meaney. more »

Ada Milani

Ada Milani is the wife of Albert Uderzo. more »

Ada Mohn Ivan

Ada Mohn Ivan was the second wife of Sigurd Hoel. more »

Ada of Caria

Ada of Caria was a ruler of Caria in the 4th century BC, first the nominal Persian Satrap, who... more »

Ada of Huntingdon

Ada of Huntingdon was a Scottish noblewoman and Countess of Holland by marriage. Ada was born in... more »

Ada Onyechi

Ada Onyechi is the mother of Kenny Onyechi. more »

Ada Orakwusi

Ada Orakwusi is the sister of K.C. Nwosu. more »

Ada Papapanou

Ada Papapanou is the wife of George Papandreou. more »

Ada Perkins

Ada Cecille Perkins Flores was a Puerto Rican beauty queen who represented the island in the... more »

Ada Prato

Ada Prato was the wife of Nico Pepe. more »

Ada Sawyer Garrett

Ada Sawyer Garrett, was a Chicago socialite of the late 19th century. The daughter of Dr. Sidney... more »

Ada Svetlova

Ada Svetlova – Latvian singer, mezzo-soprano, and performer of classical and ethnic repertoire. more »

Ada U. Azotam

Ada U. Azotam is the mother of basketball player Ike Azotam. more »

Ada Vazquez

Ada Vazquez is the mother of Alex Abreu. more »

Ada Ward

Ada Ward was an English actress and singer who became a star in Australia in the 1870s, and... more »

Ada Yarar

Ada Yarar is the daughter of Bülent Emin Yarar and Bennu Yıldırımlar. more »

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