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Addie Meloney

Addie Meloney was the mother of William Brown Meloney. more »

Addie Parker

Addie Parker was the mother of Charlie Parker. more »

Addie Puskar

Addie Puskar is the daughter of Chip Esten and Patty Hanson. more »

Addison Faith Hornish

Addison Faith Hornish is the daughter of Sam Hornish. more »

Addison Grace Lillard

Addison Grace Lillard is the daughter of Matthew Lillard and Heather Helm. more »

Addison Jones

Addison Jones is the daughter of American football player Donnie Jones. more »

Addison Mack

Addison Mack is the daughter of Connie Mack IV and Mary Bono Mack. more »

Addison Martin

Addison Martin is the daughter of Cuonzo Martin. more »

Addison Muhlbach

Addison Muhlbach is the daughter of American football player Don Muhlbach. more »

Addy Joaquín Coldwell

Addy Cecilia Joaquín Coldwell is a Mexican politician from Cozumel, Quintana Roo. Her brother... more »

Addyson Hoffpauir

Addyson Hoffpauir is the daughter of baseball player Micah Hoffpauir. more »

Addyson Williams

Addyson Williams is the daughter of Buzz Williams and Corey Norman. more »


Adeia also known as Adaea was a Greek noblewoman. She was the wife of Autodicus, one of the four... more »

Adeja Peterson

Adeja Peterson is the daughter of Adrian Peterson. more »

Adel Weir

Ade Elizabeth Weir is a South African professional squash player. She is currently ranked World... more »

Adela Akers

Adela Akers is a Cuban-born textile artist. She is Professor Emeritus at the Tyler School of Art. more »

Adela Fernández

Adela Fernández was the daughter of Emilio Fernández. more »

Adela Garcia

Adela Garcia is an IFBB professional fitness competitor and current Ms. IFBB Fitness Olympia. more »

Adela Hermoso

Adela Hermoso is the mother of Cirio H. Santiago. more »

Adéla Matasová

Adéla Matasová is a Czech sculptor, multimedia artist and professor at the Art Institute. more »

Adela Sabina del Campo

Adela Sabina del Campo is the mother of Joaquín Sabina. more »

Adela Schimscheiner

Adela Schimscheiner is the daughter of Tomasz Schimscheiner. more »

Adela Úcar

Adela Úcar Innerarity is a Spanish journalist. She studied Audiovisual Communication at the... more »

Adela Velasquez

Adela Velasquez is the sister of Cain Velasquez. more »

Adelaide Abankwah

Adelaide Abankwah was a pseudonym taken by Ghanaian Regina Norman Danson when she tried to... more »

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