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Adelaide Atkinson Lloyd

Adelaide Atkinson Lloyd was the mother of Constance Lloyd. more »

Adélaïde Drapé-Frisch

Adélaïde Drapé-Frisch is the wife of Archduke Christoph Henri Alexander Maria Marcus d'Aviano of... more »

Adelaide E. Pendleton

Adelaide E. Pendleton was the mother of Nat Pendleton. more »

Adelaide Eugenia Bankhead

Adelaide Eugenia Bankhead was the mother of Tallulah Bankhead. more »

Adelaide Flinders

Adelaide Flinders is the mother of Leslie Grantham. more »

Adelaide Hooker

Adelaide Hooker was the wife of American writer John P. Marquand. more »

Adelaide Jaffery Lawson

Adelaide Jaffery Lawson was the sister of John Howard Lawson. more »

Adelaide Johnson

Adelaide Johnson is an Australian netball player. Johnson played with the Sydney Swifts in the... more »

Adelaide Kendall

Adelaide Kendall was the wife of Robert Gleckler. more »

Adelaide Kilbee Cormack

Adelaide Kilbee Cormack is the daughter of Bartlett Cormack. more »

Adelaide Klein

Adelaide Klein is the sister of Charles Klein. more »

Adelaide Maria de Oliveira

Adelaide Maria de Oliveira is the daughter of Portuguese film director and screenwriter Manoel... more »

Adelaide Marie Burdillat

Adelaide Marie Burdillat was the wife of A. Bromley Davenport. more »

Adelaide Marion

Adelaide Marion was married to George F. Marion. more »

Adelaide Maxim Joubert

Adelaide Maxim Joubert is the daughter of Hiram Stevens Maxim. more »

Adélaïde Moundélé-Ngollo

Yvonne Adélaïde Moundélé-Ngollo is a Congolese politician who has served in the government of... more »

Adelaide Neilson

Lilian Adelaide Neilson, born Elizabeth Ann Brown, was an English stage actress. more »

Adelaide Pereira da Silva

Adelaide Pereira da Silva is a Brazilian painter and composer. more »

Adelaide Post

Adelaide Post was the wife of Tim Durant. more »

Adelaide Reynolds

Adelaide Reynolds was the wife of cinematographer Ben F. Reynolds. more »

Adelaide Rose Taylor

Adelaide Rose Taylor is the daughter of actress Rachel Griffiths and painter Andrew Taylor. more »

Adelaide Scardino

Adelaide Scardino is the daughter of Marjorie Scardino. more »

Adelaide Swanson

Adelaide Swanson was the mother of Gloria Swanson more »

Adelaide Tawiah

Adelaide Tawiah is the wife of Richard Kingson. more »

Adelaide Tosi

Adelaide Tosi was an Italian operatic soprano. Born in Milan, Tosi studied with Girolamo... more »

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