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Adelaide Vaughn

Adelaide Vaughn is the wife of Ned Vaughn. more »

Adelaide von Skilondz

Adelaide Andrejewa von Skilondz was a Russian operatic coloratura soprano. She was born in Saint... more »

Adelaide, Countess of Auxerre

Adelaide of Auxerre was a daughter of Eudes of Burgundy and Mathildis II of Bourbon. In 1262 she... more »

Adele Alagem

Adele Alagem is the wife of Beny Alagem. more »

Adèle Albers

Adele Albers is the daughter of actor Henri Garcin. more »

Adele Albright

Adele Albright was the wife of Roy Brocksmith. more »

Adele Ann Springsteen

Adele Ann Zirilli was the mother of Bruce Springsteen and Pamela Springsteen. more »

Adele Aquino

Adele Aquino is the mother of Amy Aquino. more »

Adèle Berléand

Adèle Berléand is the daughter of actor François Berléand. more »

Adele Bonolis

Adele Bonolis is the daughter of Paolo Bonolis. more »

Adele Burt

Adele Burt was the wife of George Lederer. more »

Adèle Caby-Livannah

Adèle Caby-Livannah is a writer from the Republic of the Congo born in 1957. From 1983 on she... more »

Adele Conca

Adele Conca was the wife of Silvio Bagnolini more »

Adele Cullen

Adele Cullen is the daughter of Ian Cullen and Yvonne Quenet. more »

Adele D. Charsky

Adele D. Charsky was the mother of Daniel Ellsberg and the spouse of Harry Ellsberg. more »

Adele Debussy

Adele Debussy was the sister of Claude Debussy. more »

Adele DeLeeuw

Adele DeLeeuw 1899-1988 was an American-Dutch children's story writer. The New York Times... more »

Adele Deutsch Levy

Adele Deutsch Levy was the mother of Armand Deutsch. more »

Adele Dwyer

Adele Dwyer was the spouse of Dave Garroway. more »

Adèle Eugénie Sidonie Colette

Adèle Eugénie Sidonie Colette was the mother of Colette. more »

Adele Fifield

Adele Fifield is a recipient of the Order of Ontario, and was a director of the War Amps'... more »

Adele Garrison

Adele Garrison was the nom de plume of Nana Springer White, an American writer. Her daily... more »

Adele Gash

Adele Gash was the wife of William Jefferson Blythe, Jr. more »

Adele Georgiana Gianopoulos

Adele Georgiana Gianopoulos is the daughter of Molly Ringwald and twin sister of Roman Stylianos... more »

Adele Goldstine

Adele Goldstine, born Adele Katz, wrote the complete technical description for the first... more »

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