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Adele Gordon

Adele Gordon was the mother of Rosco Gordon. more »

Adele Gundert-Hesse

Adele Gundert-Hesse is the sister of Hermann Hesse. more »

Adele Hiers

Adele Hiers was the wife of Walter Hiers. more »

Adele Horin

Adele Horin retired in 2012 as a columnist and journalist for The Sydney Morning Herald. A... more »

Adele Kenny Sweetwood

Adele Kenny Sweetwood is the sister of Jack Kenny. more »

Adele Kirkham

Adele Kirkhwas was the wife of Joe Lanza. more »

Adele Kreppel

Adele Kreppel is the mother of Paul Kreppel more »

Adele Laurant

Adele Laurant is the daughter of Guillaume Laurant. more »

Adele Lawson

Adele Lawson was the wife of Garry Marsh. more »

Adele Lowdermilk

Adele Lowdermilk was the spouse of actor and film director Lloyd Bacon. more »

Adele Miller

Adele Miller is the mother of Lauren Miller. more »

Adele Nimbursky Porkert

Adele Nimbursky Porkert was the wife of Kurt Gödel. more »

Adele of Valois

Adele of Valois was a daughter of Raoul III of Valois and Adele de Bar-sur-Aube. She married... more »

Adele Perlman

Adele Perlman is the mother of Rhea Perlman. more »

Adele Ramos

Adele Ramos is a Belizean poet, author, journalist and publisher. She is assistant editor of the... more »

Adele Rosenfield

Adele Rosenfield is the daughter of Therese Lyon. more »

Adele Salamon

Adele Salamon was the widow of George Steiner. more »

Adele Schnell

Adele Schnell is the ex-wife of Alfred Rasser. more »

Adele Tappe

Adele Tappe was the wife of prominent Nazi Julius Streicher. more »

Adele Wong

Adele Wong is a Singaporean actress, singer, writer, and screenwriter. more »

Adelheid Maria Eichner

Adelheid Maria Eichner was a German composer, singer and pianist who was noted during her brief... more »

Adelheid of Wolfratshausen

Adelheid of Wolfratshausen was the second wife of Berengar II, Count of Sulzbach. Slightly... more »

Adelheid Schulz

Adelheid "Heidi" Schulz was a member of the West German terrorist Red Army Faction. more »

Adelia Clooney

Adelia Clooney is the sister of George Clooney. more »

Adelia Corey Brainerd

Adelia Corey Brainerd was the mother of J. Chauncey Brainerd. more »

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