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Adelia Corey Brainerd

Adelia Corey Brainerd was the sister of J. Chauncey Brainerd. more »

Adelia Elmer Robertson

Adelia Elmer Robertson is the wife of Pat Robertson. more »

Adelina Hristova Petrova

Adelina Petrova is the daughter of Itso Hazarta. more »

Adelina Jiménez Romero

Adelina Jiménez Romero is the mother of Alberto Granado. more »

Adelina Piñero

Adelina Piñero is the mother of Dadi and Miguel Pinero. more »

Adelina Yzac

Adelina Yzac is an author who writes in both Occitan and French. She went to school in Sarlat... more »

Adeline Graham

Adeline Graham was the mother of Robert Graham. more »

Adeline Grimmett

Adeline Grimmett is the daughter of Allison Smith. more »

Adeline Hazan

Adeline Hazan is a French politician, Member of the European Parliament for the east of France,... more »

Adeline Helberg

Adeline Helberg is the daughter of Simon Helberg and Jocelyn Towne. more »

Adeline Hershelman

Adeline Hershelman is the mother of actor Clark Gable. more »

Adeline Louise Paulson

Adeline Louise Paulson was the wife of Noel M. Smith. more »

Adeline Miller

Adeline Miller, alias Adeline Furman, was an American madam and prostitute. According to her... more »

Adeline Mlllspaugh

Adeline Mlllspaugh was the wife of Robert Presnell Sr. more »

Adeline Norberg

Adeline Norberg is the daughter of Michael Wendler. more »

Adeline Saldaña

Adeline Saldaña is the sister of Dominique Saldaña. more »

Adelires Pelentier

Adelires Pelentier is soccer player Dagoberto's mother. more »

Adelita Gómez

Adelita Gómez is the mother of football player David Andrade. more »

Adeliya Bilyaletdinova

Adeliya Bilyaletdinova is the mother of the football player Diniyar Bilyaletdinov. more »


Adeliza or Adelida was a daughter of King William the Conqueror and his wife, Queen Matilda of... more »

Adeliza de Borgomanero

Adeliza de Borgomanero was an Italian murderer. The wife of a count from the Val d'Ossola... more »

Adeliza de Tosny

Adeliza de Tosny was the wife of William FitzOsbern, 1st Earl of Hereford. more »

Adelka Hološko

Adela Hološko is the wife of footballer Filip Hološko. more »

Adell Jordan

Adell Jordan was the mother of Louis Jordan. more »

Adella Louise Anthes

Adella Louise Anthes was the wife of Jack Cooper. more »

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