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Abbey Fleck

Abigail M. Fleck is an American inventor from St. Paul, Minnesota, noted for her 1993 invention,... more »

Abbey Nelson

Abbey Nelson is a sister of basketball player Jordan Nelson. more »

Abbey Ray Fabian

Abbey Ray Fabian is the daughter of Patrick Fabian and Mandy Fabian. more »

Abbey Ryan

Abbey Ryan is an American fine artist, painter, and educator. more »

Abbey Spinner

Abbey Spinner is the wife of magician Jeff McBride. more »

Abbi Olasewere

Abbi Olasewere is the mother of Jamal Olasewere. more »

Abbie Adams

Abbie Adams is the sister of Luke Adams. more »

Abbie Betinis

Abbie Betinis is an American composer. A 2009 McKnight Fellow, Betinis' compositions have been... more »

Abbie Blayney Cohen

Abbie Blayney Cohen is the wife of Ben Cohen. more »

Abbie Bluhm

Abbie Bluhm is the wife of Brady Bluhm. more »

Abbie Lea

Abbie Lea is the daughter of Derek Lea. more »

Abbie Park Ferguson

Abbie Park Ferguson was founder and president of Huguenot College. She graduated from Mount... more »

Abby Abadi

Arbaiyah Abdul Manan or better known as Abby Abadi is a Malaysian actress who stars on the... more »

Abby Allmon

Abby Allmon is the sister of Zach Allmon. more »

Abby Ausmus

Abby Ausmus is the daughter of Brad Ausmus. more »

Abby Balter

Abby Balter is the daughter of Jane McNeill. more »

Abby Brownback

Abby Brownback is the daughter of Sam Brownback. more »

Abby Brownell

Abby Brownell is the daughter of Brad Brownell. more »

Abby Chula

Abby Chula is the mother of Babz Chula. more »

Abby Craden

Abby Craden is the wife of Ian Geer Flanders. more »

Abby Epstein

Abby Epstein was the wife of Scott Denny. more »

Abby Folsom

Abigail Folsom was a 19th-century American feminist and abolitionist. Ralph Waldo Emerson termed... more »

Abby Forbes

Abby Forbes is the daughter of New York politician Michael Forbes. more »

Abby Goode

Abby Goode is the daughter of Tracy Goode and Teresa Lynn Watts Goode. more »

Abby Hadassah Smith

Abby Hadassah Smith was an early American suffragist who campaigned for property and voting... more »

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