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Barbara Capuano

Barbara Capuano is the wife of Michael E. Capuano. more »

Barbara Carlson

Barbara Carlson is an American politician and broadcast journalist in Minneapolis,... more »

Barbara Carter

Barbara Carter is the mother of basketball player CJ Carter. more »

Barbara Cassin

Barbara Cassin is a French philologist and philosopher, born in 1947 in Boulogne-Billancourt. A... more »

Barbara Charren

Barbara Charren is the ex-wife of Dennis Wilson. more »

Barbara Cherry

Barbara Cherry is the sister of Ben Cherry. more »

Barbara Chew

Barbara Chew was the wife of Richard Chew. more »

Barbara Chinlund

Barbara Chinlund is the wife of Nick Chinlund. more »

Barbara Chu

Barbara Chu was the spouse of John Kerr. more »

Barbara Ciara

Barbara Ciara is an American television journalist based in Norfolk, Va. more »

Barbara Ciardo

Barbara Ciardo is an Italian comic book colorist mainly active in American and French markets. more »

Barbara Ciurluini

Barbara Ciurluini is the mother of Cynthia Dale and Jennifer Dale. more »

Barbara Clara

Barbara Clara Pereira, a native of Monagas, Venezuela, was crowned "Miss Italia Nel Mondo" 2000. more »

Barbara Clark

Barbara Clark is the Deputy Director for Human Services in the United States Department of... more »

Barbara Clemons

Barbara Clemons is the mother of Carl Clemons. more »

Barbara Coates

Barbara Coates was the wife of Ted Gehring. more »

Barbara Coll

Barbara "WebMama" Coll is a search engine marketing/SEM pioneer who in 2003 established the... more »

Barbara Collins

Barbara Collins is the wife of writer Max Allan Collins. more »

Barbara Conn

Barbara Conn is the wife of Roe Conn. more »

Barbara Conrad

Barbara Conrad was the wife of playwright and screenwriter Monckton Hoffe. more »

Barbara Coombs Lee

Barbara Coombs Lee, PA, FNP, JD, is an American activist and president of Compassion & Choices,... more »

Barbara Coop

Barbara Coop is the ex-wife of Mark Fuhrman. more »

Barbara Copeland

Barbara Copeland is the daughter of Ian Copeland. more »

Barbara Copping

Barbara Copping is a Canadian politician, who served as a New Democratic Member of the... more »

Barbara Cork

Barbara Cork is the ex-wife of late Jim Bannon. more »

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