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Camilla Louiee

Camilla Louiee was the wife of Johnny Weissmuller. more »

Camilla Mancini

Camilla Mancini is the daughter of professional soccer manager Roberto Mancini and sister of... more »

Camilla McGuinn

Camilla McGuinn is the wife of Roger McGuinn. more »

Camilla Merrells

Camilla Merrels is the daughter of British actor Jason Merrells and Judith Hurley. more »

Camilla Padilla Arndt

Camilla Padilla Arndt is the wife of Bent Fabric. more »

Camilla Ravenshear

Camilla Ravenshear was the wife of Oliver Tobias. more »

Camilla Reitherman

Camilla Reitherman is the daughter of filmmaker Bruce Reitherman. more »

Camilla Rossiter

Camilla Rossiter is the daughter of Leonard Rossiter and Gillian Raine. more »

Camilla Schmidt

Camilla Schmidt is the daughter of Ulrich Noethen. more »

Camilla Soardi

Camilla Soardi, a gentlewoman of Casale Monferrato in north-west Italy, was a Renaissance poet,... more »

Camilla Tucci

Camilla Tucci is the daughter of actor Stanley Tucci. more »

Camilla Wåhlander

Camilla Wåhlander is the fianceé of John Norum. more »

Camilla Wright

Camilla Wright is a British journalist and one of the founders and owners of the Popbitch... more »

Camille Abate

Camille M. Abate is a Democratic Party politician, criminal defense and civil rights attorney,... more »

Camille Allen

Camille Allen is the daughter of Ross Allen and Emma Davies. more »

Camille Baker

Camille Baker was the wife of Herbert Baker. more »

Camille Bauchau

Camille Bauchau is the daughter of actor Patrick Bauchau. more »

Camille Bidault-Waddington

Camille Bidault-Waddington was the wife of Jarvis Cocker. more »

Camille Caroline Rose Félicité Guelfucci

Camille Caroline Rose Félicité Guelfucci is the mother of actor Charles de Rochefort. more »

Camille Carrión

Camille Carrion is a Puerto Rican Actress, Radio Personality and Meditation Teacher as a... more »

Camille Chávez

Camille Chávez is the daughter of Honduran footballer Marvin Chávez. more »

Camille Coleman Walker

Camille Coleman Walker was the mother of Albertina Walker. more »

Camille Courau

Camille Courau is the sister of Clotilde, Princess of Venice and Piedmont. more »

Camille Dalzell

Camille Dalzell was the wife of cinematographer Dennis Dalzell. more »

Camille DiBello

Camille DiBello was the wife of makeup artist Bob Kelly. more »

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