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Gale Burnick

Gale Burnick was a spouse of George R. R. Martin. more »

Gale Evans

Gale Evans is the daughter of Virginia O'Brien and Vern Evans. more »

Gale Hoffman

Gale Hoffman is the wife of actor Conery Hoffman. more »

Gale Hussman

Gale Hussman was the ex-wife of Richard S. Arnold. more »

Gale Lester

Gale Lester was the wife of Vic Morrow. more »

Gale M. Goldman

Gale M. Goldman was the spouse of Leonard Neubauer. more »

Gale Nichols

Gale Nichols is the daughter of Jack Manning and Virginia Schuchardt. more »

Gale Penhall

Gale Penhall was the wife of Mike Cook. more »

Gale Rigobert

Gale T. C. Rigobert is a Saint Lucian politician who represents Micoud North constituency in the... more »

Gale Smith

Gale Smith was the wife of Anthony Booth. more »

Galen Grier Hopper

Galen Grier Hopper is the daughter of Dennis Hopper and Victoria Duffy. more »

Galeria Fundana

Galeria Fundana was a Roman empress of the 1st century CE, the second wife of Roman emperor... more »

Galia Superstein

Galia Superstein was the wife of Matti Caspi. more »

Galilee Gregg

Galilee Gregg is the daughter of Bradley Gregg. more »

Galina Abdulov

Galina was a spouse of Aleksandr Abdulov. more »

Galina Aksyonova

Galina Aksyonova is the wife of Veniamin Smekhov. more »

Galina Antyufeyeva

Galina Mikhailovna Antyufeyeva is a Transnistrian politician and the wife of the country's... more »

Galina Besharova

Galina Besharova is the ex-wife of Boris Berezovsky. more »

Galina Burdonskaia

Galina Burdonskaia was the wife of Vasily Dzhugashvili. more »

Galina Chirkova

Galina Chirkova is the sister of Boris Chirkov. more »

Galina Dmitriyevna Glushakova

Galina Dmitriyevna Glushakova is the mother of football player Denis Borisovich Glushakov. more »

Galina Kopernak

Galina Kopernak was a Russian theater actress who appeared on Broadway in the 1920s. She may... more »

Galina Kopineck

Galina Kopineck was the wife of James Hilton. more »

Galina Lebedeva

Galina Lebedeva is the spouse of Vladimir Zhirinovsky. more »

Galina Lukashenko

Galina Rodionovna Lukashenko, née Zhelnerovich, is the First Lady of the current Belarusian... more »

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