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Gautseshen was an ancient Egyptian priestess, the singer of Montu. She lived during the reign of... more »

Gavrielle Holmes

Gavrielle Holmes also known as Gavrielle Gemma was a third-party candidate for President of the... more »

Gawa Denzongpa

Gawa Denzongpa is the wife of Danny Denzongpa. more »

Gawhara Mohamed Hassan

Gawhara Mohamed Hassan was the mother of Soad Hosny. more »

Gay Anderson

Gay Anderson is the ex-wife of Hal Williams. more »

Gay Donaldson

Gay Donaldson is the mother of Colby Donaldson. more »

Gay Parsons

Gay Parsons is the daughter of David Tree. more »

Gay Peterson

Gay Peterson is a daughter of Oscar Peterson. more »

Gay Rosenblum-Kumar

Gay Rosenblum-Kumar is the Executive Secretary of the UN Interagency Framework Team on... more »

Gay Thompson

Gay Thompson is the mother of Tony Thompson. more »

Gaya Bécaud

Gaya Bécaud is the daughter of artist Gilbert Bécaud. more »

Gaya Faro

Gaya Faro is the daughter of Stênio Garcia and Clarice Piovesan. more »

Gaya Ram

Gaya Ram is the daughter of professional Israeli tennis player Andy Ram. more »

Gayane C'ebotaryan

Gayane C'ebotaryan was an Armenian composer and musicologist. She was born in Rostov-on-Don,... more »

Gayanti Hutami

Gayanti Hutami is the daughter of Hutomo Mandala Putra. more »

Gayantika Sethi

Gayantika Sethi is the daughter of Rajendra Sethi. more »


Gayathri is the daughter of Kollam Thulasi. more »

Gayathri Girish

Gayathri Girish is amongst the leading Carnatic vocalists of today . An exemplary degree of... more »

Gayathri Nagarkatte

Gayathri Nagarkatte is the wife of Anant Nag. more »

Gayathri Prabhakar

Gayathri Prabhakar is an actress. more »

Gayathri Ramamurthy

Gayathri Ramamurthy is the wife of Arvind Swamy. more »


Gayatri is a health inspector. more »

Gayatri Raajkumar

Gayatri Raajkumar is the wife of Raaj Kumar. more »

Gayatri Shah

Miss Gayatri Shah is the youngest member of the current Constituent Assembly of Nepal out of 601... more »

Gayden Collins

Gayden Collins was the wife of Beverley Cross. more »

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