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Geghuni Hovannesi Chitchian

Geghuni Hovannesi Chitchian is an Armenian composer. She was born in Leninakan and studied at... more »

Geills Turner

Geills McCrae Kilgour Turner is the wife of John Napier Turner, a former Prime Minister of... more »


Geira was a Wendish princess and the eldest daughter of Burislav. About 978 she married an... more »

Gelongma Lama Palmo

Choje Lama Palmo, is one of the very few female Lamas and teachers of Tibetan Buddhism. She is... more »

Gelsomina Burruano

Gelsomina Burruano is the daughter of Luigi Maria Burruano. more »

Geltrude Montosi

Geltrude Montosi was the mother of Tina Lattanzi. more »

Gema Alava

Gema Alava is an artist who lives and works in New York City. Her work, in the form of... more »

Gema Gavira

Gema Gavira is the sister of Emilio Gavira. more »

Gemini Adams

Gemini Adams is an artist, educator and award-winning author of several inspiring healthy living... more »

Gemma Arró Ribot

Gemma Arró Ribot is a Catalann ski mountaineer. She is born in Puigcerdà. She started ski... more »

Gemma Beason

Gemma is the daughter of Catherine Bell and Adam Beason. more »

Gemma Brook

Gemma Brook is the daughter of English actress Patricia Hayes and Valentine Brooke. more »

Gemma Clarke

Gemma Clarke is the wife of Stark Sands. more »

Gemma Corfield

Gemma Corfield is the spouse of Don Was. more »

Gemma Cruz-Araneta

Gemma Teresa Cruz Araneta is the first Philippine delegate to win the Miss International title... more »

Gemma D'Arcy

Gemma Donna Louise D'Arcy was born in Cumbria in November 1983. She was briefly famous in... more »

Gemma Delaney

Gemma Delaney is the younger sister of Pádraic Delaney. more »

Gemma Eddington

Gemma Eddington is the daughter of Paul Eddington and Patricia Scott. more »

Gemma Foy

Gemma Foy is the sister of Claire Foy. more »

Gemma García

Gemma García is a film art director. more »

Gemma Gilardino

Gemma Gilardino is the daughter of the professional soccer player Alberto Gilardino. more »

Gemma Hautea

Gemma Hautea is the mother of Julia Montes. more »

Gemma Humphries

Gemma Humphries is a former British weather forecaster. After studying drama, Humphries worked... more »

Gemma Morris

Gemma Morris is a British television news presenter for Sky News, regularly appearing on the... more »

Gemma Nielsen

Gemma Nielsen is the daughter of Matthew Nielsen. more »

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