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Gabriela Nuñez

Gabriela Núñez de Reyes was the Minister of Finance of Honduras under the interim government of... more »

Gabriela Pagnozzi

Gabriela Pagnozzi is the wife of Alessandro Nesta. more »

Gabriela Palacio

Gabriela Palacio Díaz de León is a Mexican beauty pageant titleholder who obtained the 2010... more »

Gabriela Pulgar

Gabriela Pulgar Luco is a Chilean singer, finalist of Chile's Got Talent TV Show and Miss World... more »

Gabriela Rodriguez

Gabriela Rodriguez is the wife of Maximiliano Rodriguez. more »

Gabriela Romano

Gabriela Romano is the daughter of football coach Rubén Omar Romano more »

Gabriela Salinas

Gabriela Salinas is the daughter of Jorge Salinas. more »

Gabriela Shalev

Gabriela Shalev is an Israeli jurist. She was Israeli ambassador to the United Nations. more »

Gabriela Silvestre

Gabriela Silvestre is the daughter of Dorival Júnior Valéria Khodor Silvestre. more »

Gabriela Smetanová

Gabriela Smetanová was the daughter of Bedřich Smetana. more »

Gabriela Souto

Gabriela Souto is the spouse of Rodrigo Souto. more »

Gabriela Tapia

Gabriela Tapia is the wife of football player Fausto Pinto. more »

Gabriela Teutul

Gabriela Teutul is the daughter of Daniel Teutul more »

Gabriela Trzebinski

Gabriela Trzebinski is an African artist of European heritage based in Houston, Texas, United... more »

Gabriela Virrey Velarde

Gabriela Virrey Velarde is the mother of football player Mario Cárdenas. more »

Gabriele Bleyler

Gabriele Bleyler is the ex-wife of Friedrich von Thun. more »

Gabriele Boboschewski

Gabriele Boboschewski is the wife of Alexander Boboschewski. more »

Gabriele C. Hegerl

Gabriele C. Hegerl is professor of Professor of Climate System Science at the University of... more »

Gabriele Fontana

Gabriele Fontana is an Austrian operatic soprano. more »

Gabriele Frtzl

Gabrielle Fritzl, 37. She lives with her partner and child near Amstetten in a small... more »

Gabriele Haefs

Gabriele Haefs is a translator and the wife of writer Ingvar Ambjørnsen. more »

Gabriele Hahn

Gabriele Hahn is a retired West German high jumper. She finished thirteenth at the 1978 European... more »

Gabriele Heydrich

Gabriele Heydrich is the wife of Daniel Biasini. more »

Gabriele Koppel

Gabriele Koppel is the daughter of Walter Koppel. more »

Gabriele Krone-Schmalz

Gabriele Krone-Schmalz is a German broadcast journalist and author. more »

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