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Gabrielle Faulk

Gabrielle Faulk is the daughter of Marshall Faulk. more »

Gabrielle Ferrari

Gabrielle Ferrari was French-Italian pianist and composer noted for opera. She was born and died... more »

Gabrielle Gervais

Gabrielle Gervais is the sister of Bianca Gervais. more »

Gabrielle Giddings

Gabrielle Giddings is the sister of basketball player Tanner Giddings. more »

Gabrielle Haase

Gabrielle Haase is the daughter of Basketball Coach Jerod Haase. more »

Gabrielle Heatter

Gabrielle Heatter is the daughter of Elaine Stewart and Merrill Heatter. more »

Gabrielle Heyman

Gabrielle Heyman is the daughter of John Heyman. more »

Gabrielle Hinsliff

Gabrielle Hinsliff is the daughter of English actor Geoffrey Hinsliff. more »

Gabrielle Holmes

Gabrielle Holmes was the wife of Eamonn Holmes. more »

Gabrielle Houbre

Gabrielle Houbre is a French historian. She is a lecturer at the University of Paris VII: Denis... more »

Gabrielle Howard

Gabrielle Louise Caroline Howard, usually cited as G. L. C. Matthaei, was a British plant... more »

Gabrielle Irving

Gabrielle Irving is the sister of D.J. Irving. more »

Gabrielle Jackson

Gabrielle Jackson is the sister of Rashid Gaston. more »

Gabrielle Kahn

Gabrielle Kahn (later Gilbert) is the daughter of Richard and Annelies (Koppel) Kahn. She was... more »

Gabrielle Kurlander

Gabrielle L. Kurlander has been the president and CEO of the All Stars Project, Inc., since... more »

Gabrielle Lamb

Gabrielle Lamb is a ballerina dancing with Morphoses. She trained at the Boston Ballet School... more »

Gabrielle LeDoux

Gabrielle LeDoux is an American politician and a member of the Republican Party of Alaska. She... more »

Gabrielle Levin

Gabrielle Levin was the spouse of Steven Bochco. more »

Gabrielle Louis-Carabin

Gabrielle Louis-Carabin is a member of the National Assembly of France. She represents the... more »

Gabrielle Luna Rashbaum

Gabrielle Luna Rashbaum is the daughter of David Bryan. more »

Gabrielle Margery Morris

Gabrielle Margery Morris was the wife of Edward Woods. more »

Gabrielle McMahon

Gabrielle McMahon is the sister of Nick McMahon. more »

Gabrielle Morris

Gabrielle Morris is the daughter of Howard Morris. more »

Gabrielle N. Brown

Gabrielle N. Brown is the daughter of Dodie Brown. more »

Gabrielle Ray

Gabrielle Ray, was an English stage actress, dancer and singer, best known for her roles in... more »

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