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Hanna Kanuik

Hanna Kanuik is a paralympic athlete from Belarus competing mainly in category T12 sprints and... more »

Hanna Karttunen

Hanna Karttunen is a professional Latin American and Exhibition dancer. She also trained in... more »

Hanna Koivu

Hanna Koivu is the wife of Saku Koivu. more »

Hanna Kokko

Hanna Kokko is a scientist, working in the field of evolution and ecology. She was a Professor... more »

Hanna Kulle

Hanna Kulle is the daughter of actor Jarl Kulle and Anne Kulle. more »

Hanna Lindberg

Hanna Lindberg was a Swedish Municipal Politician, feminist and milliner. She was the first... more »

Hanna Lončar

Hanna Lončar is the wife of Krešimir Lončar. more »

Hanna Mähönen

Hanna Mähönen was the first wife of Anton Soini. more »

Hanna Markovna Halpern

Hanna Markovna Halpern was the wife of Ze'ev Jabotinsky. more »

Hanna Mary Allerton

Hanna Mary Allerton is the daughter of Catherine Mary Stewart and Richard Allerton. more »

Hanna Mohammed Majeed

Hanna Mohammed Majeed is the daughter of Kamaluddin Mohammed. more »

Hanna Neter

Hanna Neter currently presents the Breakfast show on Brighton's Juice 107.2 alongside co-host... more »

Hanna Nicholls

Hanna Nicholls is the wife of David Nicholls. more »

Hanna Rahadi

Hanna Rahadi was the mother of Indonesian singer Chrisye. more »

Hanna Rock

Hanna Rock is the daughter of Maciej Rock. more »

Hanna Styrell

Hanna Styrell, was a Swedish actress, and the royal mistress of King Charles XV of... more »

Hanna Vilsmaier

Hanna Vilsmaier was wife the of Joseph Vilsmaier. more »

Hanna Volodymyrivna

Hanna Volodymyrivna is the wife of Oleksandr Turchynov. more »

Hanna Weil

Hanna Weil was the mother of Florence Stanley. more »

Hanna Zborowski

Hanna Zborowska is the daughter of Wiktor Zborowski and Maria Winiarska. more »

Hanna Zemer

Hanna Zemer was an Israeli journalist.She was Editor-in-Chief of Davar from 1970 until 1990, the... more »

Hanna-Mari Siimes

Hanna-Mari Siimes is the daughter of Pentti Siimes. more »

Hanna-Shahil Gera

Hanna-Shahil Gera is the daughter of professional soccer player Zoltán Gera. more »


Hannah is the daughter of Dominik Reinhardt. more »


Hannah is the wife of Elkanah mentioned in the Books of Samuel. According to the Hebrew Bible... more »

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