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Icy Spicy Leoncie

Icy Spicy Leoncie, also known as Leoncie, is a musician best known for her "overt sexuality,... more »


Ida is the mother of Rona Barrett. more »


Ida is the daughter of Johanna Von Brömssen. more »

Ida A. Zipser

Ida A. Zipser was the wife of Ellis Parker Butler. more »

Ida Acuff

Ida Acuff was the mother of late country singer Roy Acuff. more »

Ida Ahlers

Ida Ahlers was the ex-wife of actor Paul Wegener. more »

Ida Albo

Ida Albo is a managing partner of the Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg, Canada. Albo has served as... more »

Ida Andersen

Ida Andersen is a Norwegian sailor from Tønsberg, and world champion from 1987. Along with Tonje... more »

Ida Antonova

Ida Antonov was the mother of Irina Antonova. more »

Ida Arto

Ida Arto was the mother of Florence Vidor. more »

Ida Ayu Nyoman Rai

Ida Ayu Nyoman Rai was the mother of 1st Indonesia president, Sukarno. more »

Ida B. Wise

Ida B. Wise was the primary author of the Sheppard Bill in 1916 that imposed prohibition on... more »

Ida Baccini

Ida Baccini was an Italian writer for children. Baccini edited a journal for girls, Cordelia. more »

Ida Bailey Allen

Ida Cogswell Bailey Allen, once popularly known as "The Nation's Homemaker" was the author of... more »

Ida Barbiani

Ida Barbiani was the mother of Maddalena Fellini, Riccardo Fellini and Federico Fellini. more »

Ida Beasley Elliott

Lady Ida Beasley Elliott was a missionary to Burma and one of the first women to own a business... more »

Ida Beck

Ida Beck is the sister of the actor Thomas Beck. more »

Ida Belle Britton

Ida Belle Britton was the mother of Mozelle Britton. more »

Ida Berger

Ida Berger is the mother of Leslie Berger. more »

Ida Berrocal

Ida Berrocal was the wife of Bob Kaufman. more »

Ida Beth Burgess

Ida Beth Burgess was the mother of Burgess Meredith. more »

Ida Bobach

Ida Bobach is a Danish orienteering competitor who was Junior World Champion in 2009, and became... more »

Ida Bothe

Ida Bothe was an artist and educator in the 19th century. Born in Germany, Bothe moved to... more »

Ida Bowersox

Ida Bowersox was the mother of actor John Bowers. more »

Ida Branch

Ida Branch was the mother of Ouida Bergère. more »

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