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Ilduara Mendes

Ilduara Mendes was a Countess of Portugal, the daughter of Menendo González. She ruled with her... more »

Ileana Adriana Stan

I am who I am and I will be whatever I will decide to be. I am a former Romanian spy and now a... more »

Ileana Arias

Ileana Arias is the Acting Principal Deputy Director, Centers for Disease Control and... more »

Ileana Castelli

Ileana Castelli is the wife of Michael Sonnabend. more »

Ileana Creangă

Ileana Creangă is the wife of Ion Creangă. more »

Ileana Jacquet

Ileana Jacquet is an actress. more »

Ileana Lochte

Ileana Lochte is Cuban and was born and raised in Havana. more »

Ileana Lomelí

Ileana Lomelí is the wife of Luis Ernesto Michel. more »

Iléana Manos

Iléana Manos is the wife of Prince Charles Louis, Duke of Chartres more »

Ileana Margarita Musa

Ileana Margarita Musa is the spouse of the actor Chaz Mena. more »

Ileen Clarke

Ileen Clarke is the mother of basketball player Terry Brutus. more »

Ilene Adler

Ilene Adler is the CEO and founder of Vantage communications, a medium-sized public relations... more »

Ilene Fennoy

Ilene Fennoy is the wife of Dave Fennoy. more »

Ilene Maclaren

Ilene Maclaren is the daughter of Ian Maclaren. more »

Ilene Nemerski

Ilene Nemerski was the wife of Wayne Heffley. more »

Ilene Strizver

Ilene Strizver is a noted typographic educator, author, designer and founder of The Type Studio... more »

Ilene Sturrock

Ilene Sturrock is the daughter of Stan Margulies. more »

Ilene Thelma Korsen

Ilene Thelma Korsen was the wife of Don Mankiewicz. more »

Ilene Woods

Ilene Woods was the wife of George Burns. more »

Ilenia Betti

Ilenia Betti is the spouse of Antonio Di Natale. more »

Ilenia Migliaccio

Ilenia Migliaccio is the daughter of Giulio Migliaccio. more »

Ilga Kļaviņa

Ilga Kļaviņa is a Latvian chess player. more »

Ilham Khairallah

Ilham Khairallah was the wife of Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti. more »

Ilham Yassin

Ilham Yassin is the mother of Queen Rania of Jordan. more »

Ili Horchler

Ili Horchler is the sister of actress Gabrielle Christian. more »

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