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Jacquelyn Tran

Jacquelyn Tran is the founder and president of Beauty Encounter, formerly Perfume Bay, an online... more »

Jacquelyn Ward

Jacquelyn Ward is the daughter of Benjamin Ward and Olivia Irene Tucker. more »

Jacquelynn Berube

Jacquelynn Berube is an American weightlifter who competed in the Women's 58 kg at the 2005... more »

Jacquese Rouse

Jacquese Rouse is the mother of Marcus Rouse. more »

Jacqui Andrews

Jacqui Andrews is the mother of Ahmir-Khalib Thompson. more »

Jacqui Brown

Jacqui Brown is the mother of Tyler Brown. more »

Jacqui Cowell

Jacqui Cowell is the sister of Brendan Cowell. more »

Jacqui Delaney

Jacqui Delaney is an Australian netball player and coach. A veteran international goal attack... more »

Jacqui Gasson

Jacqui Gasson has been an elected councillor and member of South Glamorgan County Council and... more »

Jacqui Gibbs

Jacqui Gibbs is the mother of Sterling, Ashton, and T.J. Gibbs. more »

Jacqui Grantford

Jacqueline Grantford is an Australian artist and illustrator. She has had over 16 books... more »

Jacqui Katona

Jacqui Katona is a western-educated Aboriginal woman who led the campaign to stop the Jabiluka... more »

Jacqui Little

Jacqui Little is the wife of Nick Rimando. more »

Jacqui Newton

Jacqui Newton is married to Nick Stevens. more »

Jacqui Wood

Jacqui Wood is a British archaeologist and writer, specializing in the daily life of prehistoric... more »

Jacquie Berg

Jacquie Berg is a former contestant on the reality television show Survivor: Gabon. more »

Jacquie Jeffers

Jacquie Jeffers is the mother of Jeremy Jeffers. more »

Jacquie McLoughlin

Jacquie McLoughlin is the mother of American soccer player Ellis McLoughlin. more »

Jacqulyn Hopkins

Jacqulyn Hopkins was the wife of actor William Windom. more »

Jacueline Echols

Jacueline Echols is the wife of Ronald LePread. more »

Jacwelyn Carl

Jacwelyn Carl is the adoptive daughter of Barry Carl. more »

Jacy Dumermuth

Jacy Dumermuth is the wife of actor Brian Gross. more »

Jacy Edelman

Jacy Edelman is the daughter of Herb Edelman. more »

Jacynth Ellerton

Jacynth Ellerton is the mother of Hugh Hudson. more »

Jada Asamoah

Jada Asamoah is the daughter of German football player Gerald Asamoah. more »

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