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Jackalyne Pfannenstiel

Jackalyne Pfannenstiel became United States Assistant Secretary of the Navy on March 5, 2010. more »

Jackeline Estevez

Jackeline Estevez is a popular female singer in the Dominican Republic. She was born in San... more »

Jackeline Kunz

Jackeline Kunz is the daughter of Simon Kunz and Brianna Australian Sodi. more »

Jacki Coburn

Jacki Coburn is the daughter of Lynda Coburn Lanker and stepdaughter of Brian Lanker. more »

Jacki Randall

Jacki Randall is an American artist, tattoo artist, musician and writer currently based in... more »

Jacki Zehner

Jacki Zehner was the first female trader to be invited into the partnership of Goldman Sachs, in... more »


Jackie Furillo is the daughter of Bud Furillo. more »

Jackie Adams

Jackie Adams is the mother of Victoria Beckham. more »

Jackie Albert

Jackie Albert is the daughter of American sportscaster Marv Albert. more »

Jackie Anderson

Jackie Anderson is the wife of Hal Anderson. more »

Jackie Andrews

Jackie Andrews is a daughter of Rob Andrews and Camille Andrews. more »

Jackie Angle

Jackie Angle is the mother of Kurt Angle. more »

Jackie Baillie

Jacqueline Marie Baillie is a Scottish Labour Party Member of the Scottish Parliament for the... more »

Jackie Bange

Jackie Bange is the weekend anchor and reporter for CW affiliate and cable superstation WGN-TV... more »

Jackie Beale

Jackie Beale is the sister of rugby league footballer Gerard Beale. more »

Jackie Beems

Jackie Beems is the wife of Ric Flair. more »

Jackie Beere

Jacqueline Ann "Jackie" Beere, OBE was Headteacher at Campion School in Bugbrooke from 2003-2006. more »

Jackie Belcaster

Jackie Belcaster is the mother of basketball player Rocco Belcaster. more »

Jackie Bowen

Jackie Bowen is the spouse of Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. more »

Jackie Brady

Jackie Brady is the wife of Michael Baugh. more »

Jackie Brown

Jackie Brown is Agamis System's Vice President of Finace. Jackie brings a broad financial... more »

Jackie Caruso

Jackie Caruso is the mother of Alex Caruso. more »

Jackie Clemons

Jackie Clemons was the wife of Clarence Clemons. more »

Jackie Clifford

Jackie Clifford is the sister of Dennis Clifford. more »

Jackie Conway

Jackie Conway is the daughter of Tim Conway. more »

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