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Juliette Lemley

Juliette Lemley is the daughter of Sophie Marceau and Jim Lemley. more »

Juliette Lenaerts

Juliette Lenaerts is a daughter of television presenter Tom Lenaerts. more »

Juliette MacArthur

Juliette MacArthur is the daughter of actor James MacArthur. more »

Juliette Marotta

Juliette Marotta was the wife of Bob Cook. more »

Juliette Mary Bartram

Juliette Mary Bartram is the daughter of Juliette Compton and James Bartram. more »

Juliette Norton

Juliette Norton is a former model and the wife of Jamie Oliver. more »

Juliette Passer

Juliette M. Passer is an American attorney, writer, music director for E.S. Records and founder... more »

Juliette Peristere

Juliette Peristere is the wife of Loni Peristere. more »

Juliette Phillips

Juliette Phillips is the wife of Shawn Phillips. more »

Juliette Piérart de Valenciennes

Juliette Piérart de Valenciennes was the mother of George Albert Boulenger. more »

Juliette Pryor

Juliette Pryor is the wife of Pete Pryor. more »

Juliette Saurel

Juliette Saurel was the mother of Francis Ponge. more »

Juliette Simon-Girard

Juliette-Joséphine Simon-Girard was a French soprano, principally in operetta. Her father,... more »

Juliette Van Bauwel

Juliette Van Bauwel is the daughter of Tom Van Bauwel and Tania Kloek. more »

Juliette Ventura

Juliette Ventura was the wife of David Olère. more »

Juliette Verne

Juliette Verne is the Founder and Director of Urban Dance Centre along with her partner Douglas... more »

Jūlija Jēgers

Jūlija Jēgers is the mother of Ottilie Patterson. more »

Julika Fröhlich

Julika Fröhlich is the daughter of Gustav Fröhlich and Gitta Alpár. more »

Julika Stockhausen

Julika Stockhausen is the daughter of Karlheinz Stockhausen and Mary Bauermeister. more »

Julissa Mcbride

Julissa McBride is the wife of actor Chi Mcbride. more »

Julissa Miro

Julissa Miró-Quesada Woodman. Julissa was born in Peru, but has lived most of her life in... more »

Julissa Reynoso

Julissa Reynoso is a New York City attorney born in the Dominican Republic who, since March 30,... more »

Julitta Dee Harden Scheel

Julitta Dee Harden Scheel is the daughter of actress Marcia Gay Harden and Thaddeus Scheel. more »

Jullette M. Saussy

Jullette M. Saussy, MD was the medical director of New Orleans Emergency Medical Services in New... more »

Jum Jainudin Akbar

Jum Jainudin Akbar is a Filipino politician and is currently in her second term as provincial... more »

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