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Jumaatun Azmi

Jumaatun Azmi is the founder and managing director of KasehDia, a company involved in the... more »

Jumana El Husseini

Jumana El Husseini, born in 1932 in Jerusalem, is a Palestinian painter and sculptor living in... more »

Jumana Hanna

Jumana Michael/Mikhail Hanna is an Iraqi woman of Assyrian Christian background who was... more »

Jumanah bint Abi Talib

Jumanah binti Abi Talib is the daughter of Abu Talib ibn ‘Abd al-MuttalibShe is not known to... more »

Jumelle P. Jones

Jumelle P. Jones was a wife of Robert Earl Jones. more »


Jumiah is the mother of Indonesian football player Andik Vermansyah more »

Jun Takarano

Jun Takarano is the sister of Mako Ishino and Yoko Ishino. more »

Jun Vohara

Jun Vohara was the wife of Sunthorn Phu. more »

Juna Frizzi

Juna Frizzi is a daugter of Tina Bordihn. more »

Juna Meredith Anderson

Juna Meredith Anderson is the daughter of Bradford Anderson. more »

June Alvin

June Alvin was the wife of John Alvin. more »

June Anne Stebbins

June Anne Stebbins is the wife of Charles "Bud" Dant. more »

June Archer

June Archer is the mother of Peter Archer. more »

June Armstrong

June Armstrong is the sibling of Neil Armstrong. more »

June Arunga

June Akinyi Arunga is the founder and CEO of Open Quest Media LLC. In 2011 she was named by... more »

June Bacon-Bercey

June Bacon-Bercey is an international expert on weather and aviation who has worked for the... more »

June Bailey

June Bailey is the wife of John Serland. more »

June Baranco

June Baranco was the wife of Bryant Gumbel. more »

June Berry

June Berry, RWS, RE is a British artist, originally from Melbourne, Derbyshire, United... more »

June Brewster

June Brewster is Lee Brewster's sister. more »

June Brown

June Brown is the mother of Sharon Brown. more »

June Buchanan

June Buchanan was an American educator and the co-founder of Alice Lloyd College in Pippa... more »

June Card

June Card is an American soprano and stage director who had an active career in operas and... more »

June Carol Atwell

June Carol Atwell is the daughter of actor, comedian, composer Roy Atwell. more »

June Carter Perry

June Carter Perry is the United States Ambassador to Sierra Leone. more »

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