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Justyna Plutowska

Justyna Plutowska is a Polish Senior ice dancer. She competes with Peter Gerber. Her former... more »

Justyna Traugutt

Justyna Traugutt was the daugter of Romuald Traugutt. more »

Justyna Łuszcz

Justyna Łuszcz was the wife of Piotr Łuszcz. more »

Jusy Seedorf

Jusy Seedorf is the daughter of football player Clarence Seedorf. more »

Juthapat Ruekkasemsan

Juthapat Ruekkasemsan is the mother of Napapa Tantrakul. more »

Juthika Roy

Juthika Roy is a famous bhajan singer. She started singing at an early age. She has sung many... more »

Jutta Carrière

Jutta Carrière is the mother of German actor Mathieu Carrière and German actress Mareike Carrière. more »

Jutta Hempel

Jutta Hempel was a German chess prodigy born in Flensburg, Germany. Hempel showed remarkable... more »

Jutta Koether

Jutta Koether is a German artist, musician and critic based in New York since the early... more »

Jutta Lehtinen

Jutta Lehtinen is a Finnish actor. Lehtinen has a minor role in the 2002 movie Menolippu... more »

Jutta Merckle

Jutta Merckle is the daughter of German billionaire Adolf Merckle. Adolf Merckle committed... more »

Jutta Oarda Wynter

Jutta Oarda Wynter is the stepmother of actress Dana Wynter. more »

Jutta Parr

Jutta Parr was a spouse of Rick Jason. more »

Jutta Pocher

Jutta Pocher is the mother of Oliver Pocher. more »

Jutta Vollmer

Jutta Vollmer is the mother of American football player Sebastian Vollmer. more »

Jutta von Steinberg

Jutta von Steinberg was the mother of Gottfried von Cramm more »

Jutta Winkelmann

Jutta Winkelmann is a sister of Gisela Getty. more »

Jutta Zilliacus

Jutta Armelle Zilliacus is a Helsinki-born Estonian Swedish-language journalist, author, and... more »

Juulia Turkkila

Juulia Turkkila is a Finnish figure skater. She is the 2012 Nordic champion and a two-time... more »

Juwairiya bint Abdur Rahman

Juwairiya bint Abdur Rahman was the daughter of Abdel Rahman bin Awf. more »


Juwayriyya is the daughter of the actress Amira Fathy. more »

Juwayriyya bint al-Harith

Juwayriyya bint al-Harith was a wife of Muhammad, and a Mother of the Believers. She married... more »

Juwita Septriasa

Juwita Septriasa is the sister of Acha Septriasa. more »

Jyahti Kingi

Jyahti Kingi is the daughter of rugby union player Richard Kingi. more »


Jyothi Naval is the sister of Simran Naval. more »

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