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Jacqueline Castellani

Jacqueline Castellani is the mother of Roxana Lampson. more »

Jacqueline Ceballos

Jacqueline "Jacqui" Michot Ceballos is an American feminist and activist. Ceballos is the former... more »

Jacqueline Charlotte Poinson

Jacqueline Charlotte Poinson is the mother of Franck de la Personne. more »

Jacqueline Chevé

Jacqueline Chevé was a member of the Senate of France. She represented the Côtes-d'Armor... more »

Jacqueline Chimhanzi

Jacqueline Chimhanzi is the wife of Arthur Mutambara. more »

Jacqueline Claridge Quealy

Jacqueline Claridge Quealy was the spouse of Woolf Barnato. more »

Jacqueline Corbin

Jacqueline Corbin is the mother of Jordon Michael Corbin. more »

Jacqueline Corteway Dixon

Jacqueline Corteway Dixon is the wife of Jamie Dixon. more »

Jacqueline Crahalla

Jacqueline R. Crahalla is a former Republican member of the Pennsylvania House of... more »

Jacqueline de Bar

Jacqueline de Bar is the sister of Stephanie Debar. more »

Jacqueline de Croisset

Jacqueline de Croisset is the ex-wife of Yul Brynner. more »

Jacqueline de Guillenchmidt

Jacqueline de Guillenchmidt born Jacqueline Barbara de Labelotterie de Boisséson September 25,... more »

Jacqueline de la Roche

Jacqueline de la Roche was the last heiress of the de la Roche family which had ruled the Duchy... more »

Jacqueline de Ribes

Jacqueline, Comtesse de Ribes in Paris, France is a French aristocrat, socialite and fashion... more »

Jacqueline de Vasconcelos

Jacqueline de Vasconcelos is the mother of Tasha de Vasconcelos. more »

Jacqueline Deaner

Jacqueline Nicole Deaner is model and beauty pageant title-holder from El Paso, Texas. Jackie... more »

Jacqueline Dee

Jacqueline Dee is the daughter of Sylvia Anderson. more »

Jacqueline Dior

Jacqueline Dior is the sister of Christian Dior. more »

Jacqueline Drew

Jacqueline Drew is the ex-wife of Jim Varney. more »

Jacqueline Dutronc

Jacqueline Dutronc was the wife of Tod Scott Brody. more »

Jacqueline E. Schafer

Jacqueline Ellen Schafer was the first United States Assistant Secretary of the Navy, holding... more »

Jacqueline Elam

Jacqueline Elam is the daughter of Jack Elam. more »

Jacqueline Epps

Jacqueline Epps is the wife of Randy Powell. more »

Jacqueline Esposito

Jacqueline Esposito is the daughter of Melissa McKnight and Anthony Esposito. more »

Jacqueline Fallon

Jacqueline Fallon is the wife of John Field. more »

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