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N'Cho Elodie Mambo

N'Cho Elodie Mambo is an Ivorian handball player who has played for Merignac and the Côte... more »

N. Florence Ybarra

N. Florence Ybarra is the former wife of Alfred Ybarra. more »

N. Lecoq

N. Lecoq is the mother of Fanny Ardant. more »

N. Lee Wood

N. Lee Wood is an American author. She has written science fiction, fantasy, crime and... more »

N. Lekshmi Amma

N. Lekshmi Amma was the mother of Thikkurissy Sukumaran Nair. more »


n.A.T.o. is the stage name of Natalya Shevlyakova, a Russian singer of Russian and Georgian... more »

N.R. Ghosh

Nalini Ranjan Ghosh was an Indian politician. In the 1958 by-election, he was elected to the Lok... more »

Na Gyung-Eun

Na Gyung-Eun was the wife of Yoo Jae-suk. more »

Na'ama Navon

Na'ama Navon is the daughter of former Israeli president Yitzhak Navon. more »

Na'ima B. Robert

Na'ima B Robert, born Thando Nomhle McLaren on September 19, 1977, is an author of multicultural... more »

Na'mi Bint Ja'far ibn Abī Tālib

Na'mi Bint Ja'far ibn Abī Tālib was the daughter of Ja'far ibn Abī Tālib. more »

Na'Quelle Tresvant

Na'Quelle Tresvant is the daughter of Ralph E. Tresvant. more »

Naa Morkor Busia

Naa Morkor Busia is the wife of Kofi Abrefa Busia. more »

Naadein Crowe

Naadein Crowe is the wife of Stephen Curry. more »

Naama Greenfield-Simpson

Naama Greenfield-Simpson is the wife of Pete Simpson. more »


Naamah, daughter of Zillah and Lamech (Genesis 4:22). more »


Naamah was an ancient queen, wife of King Solomon and mother of his heir Rehoboam, according to... more »


Naamah is an individual mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, in Genesis 4:22. A descendant of Cain,... more »

Naazneen Bedi

Naazneen Bedi is the wife of Ranjeet. more »

Nabawiyya Musa

Nabawiya Musa was born December 17th 1886 and died in 1951. Nabawiyya Musa is recognized as one... more »

Nabila Al Shazali

Nabila Al Shazali is the daughter of Wassila Bourguiba and Ali Al Shazali. more »

Nabila Abaza

Nabila Abaza was the wife of Rushdy Abaza. more »

Nabila Al-Zawahiri

Nabila Al-Zawahiri is the daughter of Ayman Al-Zawahiri. more »

Nabila Farah Karima Halim

Nabila Farah Karima Halim is the mother of Lucy Gutteridge. more »

Nabila Malika

Nabila Malika was the mother of Nabila Farah Karima Halim. more »

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