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Nahid Toubia

Nahid Toubia is a Sudanese surgeon and women's health rights activist, specializing in research... more »

Nahida Nakad

Nahida Nakad is a Lebanese TV reporter and journalist. She is Deputy Director of FRANCE 24’s... more »

Nahila Pittman

Nahila Pittman is the mother of basketball player De'Aires Tate. more »

Nahla Al Qudsi

Nahla Al Qudsi was the wife of the late composer Mohammed Abdel Wahab. more »

Nahla Ariela Aubry

Nahla Ariela Aubry is the daughter of Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry. more »

Nahla Hussain al-Shaly

Nahla Hussain al-Shaly was a promoter of women's rights in Iraqi Kurdistan, and the leader of... more »

Nahla Ivanschitz

Nahla Ivanschitz is the daughter of soccer player Andreas Ivanschitz. more »

Nahla Tawfiq

Nahla Tawfiq is the wife of Hani Shaker. more »

Nahma Sandrow

Nahma Sandrow is a scholar of theater and cultural history, and author of the books Vagabond... more »


Nahnebahwequa or Catherine Bunch was an Ojibwa spokeswoman and Christian Missionary. more »

Naho Moriyama

Naho Moriyama is the older sister of Naotarō Moriyama. more »

Naian Norvind

Naian Norvind is the daughter of actress Nailea Norvind. more »

Naiana Motta

Naiana Motta is the spouse of Ramon de Morais Motta. more »

Naibe Reynoso

Naibe Reynoso is a Mexican-American television reporter. Naibe Reynoso is a journalist who has... more »

Naida Akšamija

Naida Akšamija is a Bosnian figure skater. She is the 2001 & 2007 Bosnia and Herzegovinan... more »

Naida Payne

Naida Payne is the daughter of former rugby league player Aaron Payne. more »

Naifa bint Rashid Al Dehani

Naifa bint Rashid Al Dehani is the wife of Bandar bin Sultan. more »

Naiia Rose Ulrich

Naiia Rose Ulrich is the daughter of actors Georgina Cates and Skeet Ulrich. more »

Naila Nazir

Naila Nazir, Pakistan International Airlines air hostess, was given the Flight Safety Foundation... more »

Naile Sultan

Naile Sultan was the daughter of Abdul Hamid II and Dilpesend Üçüncü Kadın Efendi. more »

Nailiya Yulamanova

Nailiya Yulamanova is a Russian long-distance runner who specializes in the marathon. more »

Naima bint Ebead

Naima bint Ebead was the spouse of Saud bin Abdelaziz Al Saud. more »

Naima El Bezaz

Naima El Bezaz is a Moroccan-Dutch writer, who also gives lectures and writes stories, essays... more »

Naima Karimona

Naima Karimona is the mother of Samira Tawfiq. more »

Naima Morgan

Naima Morgan is the sister of Nyjer Morgan. more »

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