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Xiaoting Pan

Pan Xiaoting is the first-ever professional pool player from China to play full-time on the... more »

Xiaowei Zhuang

Xiaowei Zhuang is an American biophysicist, National Academy of Sciences member and Professor of... more »

Xie Fei

Xie Fei was the wife of Liu Shaoqi. more »

Xie Qiuping

Xie Qiuping is a Chinese woman who holds the record for world's longest hair. On 8 May 2004, her... more »

Xilan Squire

Xilan Squire is the daughter of Chris Squire. more »

Ximena Bellido Denegri

Ximena Bellido Denegri is the wife of Salvador del Solar. more »

Ximena Moniz

Ximena Moniz was the mistress of Alfonso VI of Castile and mother of his illegitimate daughters,... more »

Ximena Zamora

Laura Ximena Zamora Moreano is former beauty queen who was crowned Miss Ecuador and represented... more »

Xinru Liu

Xinru Liu is an associate professor of early Indian history and world history at The College of... more »

Xiomara de Zelaya

Xiomara Castro de Zelaya is a candidate for the 2013 Honduras presidential election and the wife... more »

Xiomara Prats-Rodriguez

Xiomara Prats-Rodriguez is the mother of Ray Rodriguez. more »

Xiomara Reyes

Xiomara Reyes is a principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre. Born in Cuba, Reyes trained at... more »

Xiu Xiu

Xiu Xiu is a female Chinese modern pentathlete who finished 10th in this event at the 2008... more »


Xiuhcanahualtzin was a Princess of Azcapotzalco and Queen of Tlatelolco by marriage. more »


Xiuhcuetzin was a Queen of Tenochtitlan as a wife of Aztec emperor Acamapichtli. She was a... more »


Xiuhtomiyauhtzin was a Queen consort of Tlatelolco. more »

Xiuqi Loong

Xiuqi Loong is the daughter of Lee Hsien Loong. more »

XiXi Yang

XiXi Yang is an American TV personality and former beauty queen. She was recently crowned Miss... more »

Xixian Qu

Qu Xixian is a Chinese composer. She was born in Shanghai and graduated from Shanghai National... more »

Xóchitl Cruz

Xóchitl Cruz is the wife of football player Jorge Torres Nilo. more »

Xochitl Fernández De Valois

Xochitl Fernández De Valois was the daughter of Emilio Fernández. more »

Xóchitl Hamada

Xóchitl Guadalupe Hamada Villarreal is a semi-retired Japanese-Mexican, Luchadora, or... more »

Xóchitl Ugarte

Xóchitl Ugarte is a Latin American voice actress. She is best known as the Spanish voice of... more »

Xu Aihui

Xu Aihui is a Chinese race walker. She finished thirteenth at the 2003 World Championships and... more »

Xu Mengtao

Xu Mengtao is a Chinese aerial skier. She has two World Cup victories. She competed at the 2010... more »

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