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Alain Calmat

Alain Calmat is a French former competitive figure skater, surgeon, and politician. He is the... more »

Alain Giletti

Alain Giletti is a French figure skater. He is the 1960 World champion, the 1955-1957 &... more »

Alban Preaubert

Alban Préaubert is a French figure skater. He is a five-time French bronze medalist. more »

Albena Denkova

Albena Denkova is a Bulgarian ice dancer. With partner and fiance Maxim Staviski, she is a... more »

Alena Vrzáňová

Alena "Ája" Vrzáňová, is a Czech former figure skater who represented Czechoslovakia in... more »

Alexander Abt

Alexander "Sasha" Viktorovich Abt is a Russian figure skater and coach. He is a two-time... more »

Alexander Gennadiyevich Zaitsev

Alexander Gennadiyevich Zaitsev is a retired pair skater who represented the Soviet Union. With... more »

Alexander Grachev

Alexander Pavlovich Grachev is a Russian former competitive ice dancer. With Elena Romanovskaya,... more »

Alexander König

Alexander König is a German former pair skater. more »

Alexander Markuntsov

Alexander Markuntsov is a Russian pair skater who also competed internationally for Japan. Early... more »

Alexander Vladimirovich Fadeyev

Alexander Vladimirovich "Sasha" Fadeyev is a Russian former competitive figure skater who... more »

Alexander Vlassov

Alexander Vlassov is a former Soviet pair skater who currently works as a coach. With partner... more »

Alexander Zhulin

Alexander Viacheslavovich Zhulin is a Russian ice dancing coach and former competitor. With Maya... more »

Alexandra Ievleva

Alexandra Andreyevna Ievleva is a Russian former competitive figure skater. She is the 2007... more »

Alexei Menshikov

Alexei Alexeyevich Menshikov is a Russian former pair skater. With Elena Efaieva, he placed... more »

Alexei Mishin

Alexei Nikolayevich Mishin is a Russian figure skating coach and former pair skater. With... more »

Alexei Tikhonov

Alexei Vladimirovich Tikhonov is a Russian pair skater. With partner Maria Petrova, he is the... more »

Alexei Ulanov

Alexei Nikolaevich Ulanov is a retired pair skater who represented the Soviet Union. With Irina... more »

Alexei Urmanov

Alexei Yevgenyevich Urmanov is a Russian figure skater, who currently works as a coach. He is... more »

Alexei Yagudin

Alexei Konstantinovich Yagudin is a former Russian figure skater. His major achievements in his... more »

Alfred Berger

Alfred Berger was an Austrian pair skater. In 1922 and 1924 he and Helene Engelmann were pair... more »

Allison Reed

Allison Lynn Reed is an American ice dancer. She currently competes with Vasili Rogov for... more »

Almut Lehmann

Almut Lehmann is a German pair skater. With partner Herbert Wiesinger, she is a three-time... more »

Anabelle Langlois

Anabelle Langlois is a Canadian pair skater. With partner Cody Hay, she is the 2008 Canadian... more »

Anastasia Platonova

Anastasia Alexandrovna Platonova is a Russian former competitive ice dancer. With Alexander... more »