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Abhishek Pathak

Born on 1st July 1987 in Punjab, Abhishek Pathak started his film carrier at the age of 17, the... more »

Abi Feijó

Abi Feijó is a film director, film producer and film editor. more »

Abigail Addison

Abigail Addison is a film producer. more »

Abigail Carpenter

Abigail Carpenter is a film producer and director. more »

Abigail Disney

Abigail E. Disney is an American filmmaker, and scholar known for her documentary films focused... more »

Abigail Grindstaff

Abigail Grindstaff is a film producer. more »

Abigail Honor

Abigail Honor is a film editor and a film producer. more »

Abigail Hunt

Abigail Hunt is a film producer. more »

Abigail Rodashevsky

Abigail Rodashevsky is a film producer. more »

Abigail Scollay

Abigail Scollay is a digital compositor and film producer. more »

Abilio Pereira de Almeida

Abilio Pereira de Almeida was a screenwriter, film producer and actor. more »

Abinash Bikram Shah

Abinash Bikram Shah is a screenwriter, film director, and film editor. more »

Abla Khoury

Abla Khoury is a film actress, film producer and production manager. more »

Abner Benaim

Abner Benaim is a film director, producer, screenwriter and cinematographer. more »

Abner Pastoll

Abner Pastoll is a British film director and screenwriter born in South Africa, where his family... more »

Abner Victor

Abner Victor is a film producer and film editor more »

Abolfazl Jalili

Abolfazl Jalili is an internationally acclaimed Iranian film director. He belongs to Iranian new... more »

Abolghasem Ashrafi Amiri

Abolghasem Ashrafi Amiri is a film producer. more »

Abolhassan Davudi

Abolhassan Davudi is a film producer, film director, writer and screenwriter. more »

Abou Farman

Abou Farman is a screenwriter. more »

Abra Edelman

Abra Edelman is a casting director and film producer. more »

Abraham Hirschfeld

Abraham Jacob Hirschfeld was a Polish-born New York real estate developer known for his... more »

Abraham Kurian

Abraham Kurian is a film producer and cinematographer. more »

Abraham Lim

Abraham Lim is a film director, film producer, film writer, cinematographer and editor. more »

Abraham Mudito

Abraham Mudito is a film producer. more »