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Helen Neville

Helen J. Neville, Ph.D., is an internationally renowned psychologist and neuroscientist. Neville... more »

Helen Rowland

Helen Rowland, credited as Baby Helen Rowland, was an American child actress. She appeared in... more »

Helen Spence

Helen Spence, accomplished British actress, has acquired many years of professional experience... more »

Helen Wellington-Lloyd

Helen Wellington-Lloyd, also called Helen of Troy, is an actress originally from South Africa... more »

Helena Alves

Helena Alves is a film editor. more »

Helena Gloag

Helena Gloag was a Scottish actress. She had roles as the grandmother in My Ain Folk and The... more »

Helena Ranaldi

Helena Ranaldi Nogueira is a Brazilian actress. more »

Helena Reuterblad

Helena Reuterblad is an actress. more »

Helena Zmatlíková

Helena Zmatlíková was a Czech illustrator, especially of children's books. Zmatlikova's... more »

Helene D. Gayle

Helene D. Gayle, M.D., M.P.H., is currently president and CEO of CARE USA, a member of CARE... more »

Heléne Lombard

Heléne Lombard is an actress. more »

Hélène Vallier

Hélène Vallier was an actress. more »

Hélène Vincent

Hélène Vincent is a French actress. She received a César Award for Best Supporting Actress in... more »

Helenka Pantaleoni

Helen Tradusa "Helenka" Adamowska–Pantaleoni was an American silent film actress and... more »

Helga Feddersen

Helga Feddersen was a popular German actress, comedienne, singer, author, and theater... more »

Helga Illich

Helga Illich is a film actress. more »

Helga Lehner

Helga Lehner ist eine deutsche Schauspielerin und Synchronsprecherin. more »

Helga Molander

Helga Molander, born as Ruth Werner on 19 March 1896 in Königshütte, Silesia, Germany, died in... more »

Helga Thomas

Helga Amalia Thomas was a Swedish film actress. Thomas was born in Skog parish in Västernorrland... more »

Helge Korsnes

Helge Korsnes acted in the 2010 film Norwegian Ninja. more »

Hella Tornegg

Hella Tornegg was a German stage and film actress. more »

Helmut Kircher

Helmut Kircher ist ein deutscher Schauspieler, Theaterregisseur, Journalist und Musikkritiker. more »

Helmut Krauss

Helmut Krauss is a German synchronis speaker and actor. He provides the German dub voices for... more »

Heloísa Helena

Heloísa Helena was a Brazilian actress and singer. Her real name was Heloísa Helena Almeida Gama... more »

Henco Espag

Henco Espag is a background actor. more »

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