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Leszek Kubanek

Leszek Kubanek was an actor. more »

Lesław Żurek

Lesław Żurek is an actor. more »

Lethe Tatge

Lethe Tatge was an actress. more »

Leticia Marfil

Leticia Marfil is an actress. more »

Letisha Wilson

Letisha Wilson appeared in the 2002 film State Property. more »

Leueen Willoughby

Anne Leueen Willoughby is a Canadian former actress. She was born in Vancouver, where her father... more »

Lev Yeliseyev

Lev Yeliseyev is an actor. more »

Levan Abashidze

Levan Abashidze was a Georgian actor. In 1985 Levan graduated from Shota Rustaveli Institute of... more »

Levent Fahri Günes

Levent Fahri Güneş appeared in the documentary film September 12. more »

Lever Ruhkin

Lever Ruhkin is a film actor. more »

Leverne McDonnell

Leverne Ann McDonnell was an Australian actress. She spent three years as a member of "Energy... more »

Lew Baldwin

Lew Baldwin is a songwriter and a visual effects artist. more »

Lew Wallach

Lew Wallach performed in the 1967 drama film Up the Down Staircase. more »

Lewis Hodgson

Lewis Hodgson is an actor, film producer, film director and screenwriter. more »

Lex Alexander

Lex Alexander is an actor. more »

Lexi Randall

Lexi Randall is a former child actor in films and television. She appeared in the film The Long... more »

Li Tian-lu

Li Tian-lu is a principal character in the trilogy of historical films of Taiwanese film... more »

Liam Ainsworth

Liam Ainsworth appeared in the 2012 film Girl Shaped Love Drug. more »

Liam Boyle

Liam Boyle is a British actor. more »

Liam Gaffney

Liam Gaffney was an Irish film and television actor. more »

Liam Kearns

Liam Kearns is an actor. more »

Liam Macdonald

Liam Phillip Macdonald is an Australian actor from Adelaide. He is best known for his role as... more »

Liam Thomas

Liam Thomas is an actor. more »

Liat Goodson

Liat Goodson is an actress. more »

Liberty Jean

Liberty Jean is an actress. more »

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