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Omoni Oboli

Omoni Oboli is a Nigerian actress and producer. In 2010 she won the award for Best Actress -... more »

Omoze Idehenre

Omoze Idehenre is an actress. more »

On Joo-wan

On Joo-wan is a South Korean actor. He won widespread praise for his leading role in the film... more »

Ona Fletcher

Ona Fletcher is an actor. more »

Ooky Etinger

Ooky Etinger is an actor. more »

Orane Demazis

Orane Demazis was a French actress. more »

Oren Maor

Oren Maor appeared in the God Went Surfing with the Devil 2010 documentary film. more »

Orestes Caviglia

Orestes Caviglia was an Argentine film actor and film director of the classic era of the Cinema... more »

Orfeo Campanella

Orfeo Campanella is an actor. more »

Oria Rodriguez

Oria Rodriguez appeared in the 2002 film State Property. more »

Orin Mozon

Orin Mozon is a film actor. more »

Orjan Gamst

Orjan Gamst is an actor. more »

Orli Shoshan

Orli Shoshan is an Israeli film actress best known for her performance as the beautiful Togruta... more »

Orna Porat

Orna Porat is an Israeli theater actress. more »

Orsetta Gregoretti

Orsetta Gregoretti is an actress. more »

Ortrud Mann

Ortrud Mann appeared in the A Woman Is a Risky Bet: Six Orchestra Conductors documentary film. more »


Os-Ko-Mon is an actor. more »

Osama Zatar

Osama Zatar appeared in the 2010 documentary film Love During Wartime. more »

Osamah Sami

Osamah Sami is an Australian actor of Persian origin. He has appeared in numerous episodes of... more »

Oscar Berliner

Oscar Berliner is the father of Alan Berliner. more »

Oscar Castro

Oscar Castro Ramirez, born in Santiago in 1947, is playwright, actor and director,director of... more »

Oscar Dantzler

Oscar Dantzler appeared in the The Philosopher Kings documentary film. more »

Oscar Flores

Oscar Flores is an actor. more »

Oscar H. Guerrero

Oscar H. Guerrero is an actor. more »

Oscar Morelli

Oscar Morelli, born Oscar Bonfiglio Mouet, was a Mexican actor. The son of Oscar Bonfiglio and... more »

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