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Alessandro Troso

Alessandro Troso is a film art director. more »

Alessondra Bastianoni

Alessondra Bastianoni is a makeup artist. more »

Alethea McElroy

Alethea McElroy is a set and key costumer. more »

Alex Albanese

Alex Albanese is a film editor. more »

Alex Badygov

Alex Badygov is a sound mixer. more »

Alex Booy

Alex Booy is a sound technician. more »

Alex Burdett

Alex Burdett is a Special Effects Supervisor. more »

Alex Busby

Alex Busby is a film director. more »

Alex Cooper

Alex Cooper is a film crewmember. more »

Alex Diaz

Alex Diaz is a Film Makeup artist. more »

Alex Ellerington

Alex Ellerington is a sound effects editor. more »

Alex Funke

Alex Funke is a special effects photographer. more »

Alex Garfath

Alex Garfath is a makeup artist. more »

Alex Gitler

Alex Gitler is a Digital compositor and a Compositing supervisor. more »

Alex Guri

Alex Guri is a film crew member from the 2014 film The Monuments Men. more »

Alex Gurucharri

Alex Gurucharri is a special effects technician. more »

Alex Hansson

Alex Hansson is a film crew memeber in the 2013 film The Zero Theorem. more »

Alex Henning

Alex Henning is a Oscar winning visual effects supervisor. On January 24, 2012, he was nominated... more »

Alex Hillkurtz

Alex Hillkurtz is a storyboard artist. more »

Alex Lemke

Alex Lemke is a film crew member in the 2013 film Inside Llewyn Davis. more »

Alex McCarroll

Alex McCarroll is a set designer. more »

Alex Noyes

Alex Noyes is a sound editor and sound mixer. more »

Alex Oana

Alex Oana is a film editor. more »

Alex Parkinson

Alex Parkinson is a visual effects supervisor. more »

Alex Patanjo

Alex Patanjo is a visual effects artist. more »