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J. Blue Swan

J. Blue Swan is a film editor. more »

J. Gregory Evans

J. Gregory Evans is a film crew member in the 2013 film Don Jon. more »

J. J. Osbun

J. J. Osbun, born in Philadelphia, PA, is an entertainment industry professional based out of... more »

J. Michael Glynn

J. Michael Glynn is an assistant property master. more »

J. Ryan Halpenny

J. Ryan Halpenny is an assistant art director. more »

J. Scott Richard

J. Scott Richard is a film score composer. more »

J. Stanley Johnston

J. Stanley Johnston is a re-recording mixer. more »

J. Todd Anderson

J. Todd Anderson is a storyboard artist who has worked primarily with the Coen brothers, but... more »

J. Todd Constantine

J. Todd Constantine is an actor. more »

J. Zachary Smith

J. Zachary Smith is an on-set dresser. more »

J.D. Evans

J.D. Evans is a crew member from the 2013 film Muse of Fire. more »

J.D. Jacoby

J.D. Jacoby is a film crewmember in the 2012 The Iceman. more »

J.D. Schwalm

J.D. Schwalm is a Special Effects Supervisor. more »

J.J. Shebesta

J.J. Shebesta is a television director. more »

J.J. Villard

J.J. Villard is a film director, cinematographer and actor. more »

J.P. Reyes

J.P. Reyes is a film crewmember. more »

Jabin Dickins

Jabin Dickins is a senior special effects technician. more »

Jac Rubenstein

Jac Rubenstein is the son of actor John Rubenstein. more »

Jack C. Jacobson

Jack C. Jacobson is a sound mixer. more »

Jack Bricker

Jack Bricker is a Special Effects Makeup Artist. more »

Jack Buchanan

Jack Buchanan is a sound mixer. more »

Jack Campbell

Jack Campbell is a film animator. more »

Jack Firman

Jack Firman is a film crew member in the 2013 film Raze. more »

Jack Goodwin

Jack Goodwin is a sound technician. more »

Jack H. Young

Jack H. Young is a makeup staff member and makeup artist. more »