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Laci Hill

Laci Hill is a makeup artist. more »

Ladan Mojallal

Ladan Mojallal is a makeup artist. more »

Ladd Lanford

Ladd Lanford is a Visual Effects Producer. more »

Laetitia Hillion

Laetitia Hillion is a special effects specialist. more »

Lafleche Dumais

Lafleche Dumais is a computer graphics supervisor more »

Laine Rykes

Laine Rykes is a film makeup artist. more »

Laine Trzinski

Laine Trzinski is a hair stylist. more »

Lajos Kondor

Lajos Kondor is a flame artist. more »

LaLette Littlejohn

LaLette Littlejohn is a makeup artist and the personal makeup artist of actor Jamie Foxx. more »

Lalith Wasantha

Lalith Wasantha is a film crew member in the 2012 film Him, Here After. more »

Lana Sharpe

Lana Sharpe is a hair stylist. more »

Lance Brown

Lance Brown is a sound re-recording mixer. more »

Lance Gill

Lance Gill is an actor and set dresser. more »

Lancel Reyes

Lancel Reyes is a special makeup effects artist. more »

Lane Lueras

Lane Lueras is a TV director. more »

Larissa Palaszczuk

Larissa Palaszczuk is a make-up artist. more »

Larkin Donley

Larkin Donley is a film cinematographer. more »

Larry Barado

Larry Barado is a special effects technician. more »

Larry Cheng

Larry Cheng is a Film Special Effects Mechanical Designer. more »

Larry Ellena

Larry Ellena works in film and television in the sound department. more »

Larry Finch

Larry Finch is a sound effects supervisor. more »

Larry Gaynor

Larry Gaynor is a digital rotoscope and paint artist. more »

Larry Goga

Larry Goga is a production sound mixer. more »

Larry J. White II

Larry J. White II is a lead-man and a set dresser. more »

Larry Kemp

Larry Kemp is a dialogue editor. more »