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Jack Shaindlin

Jack Shaindlin was a Russian-American musician, composer, arranger, conductor, and music... more »

Jack Shea

Jack Shea was an American film and television director. He was the president of the Directors... more »

Jack Shea

Jack Shea was a film director and film producer. more »

Jack Sher

Jack Sher was a screenwriter and a film director. more »

Jack Sholder

Jack Sholder is a director, best known for his work in the horror film genre, notably Alone in... more »

Jack Simon

Jack Simon is a film director. more »

Jack Smight

Jack Smight was an American theatre and film director. Smight was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota... more »

Jack Smith

Jack Smith was an American filmmaker, actor, and pioneer of underground cinema. He is generally... more »

Jack Snyder

Jack Snyder is a film director, screenwriter and editor. more »

Jack Starrett

Jack Starrett was an American actor and film director. He is credited as Claude Ennis Starrett,... more »

Jack Stehlin

Jack Stehlin is an American television and theater actor. He is perhaps best known for his role... more »

Jack Swanstrom

Jack Swanstrom is an American educator and film director. He has a Master of Fine Arts in... more »

Jack the Zipper

Jack the Zipper is an American pornographic film director and owner of Clockwork Pictures and... more »

Jack Tobin

Jack Tobin is a Director. more »

Jack Townley

Jack Townley was an American screenwriter. He wrote for nearly 100 films between 1926 and 1957... more »

Jack Truman

Jack Truman is a film producer, film director, film editor, screenwriter, cinematographer,... more »

Jack Vacek

Jack Vacek is an actor, film producer, film director, screenwriter and cinematographer. more »

Jack Wagner

Jack Wagner was a U.S. screenwriter. Born in Los Angeles, California, USA, he spent many years... more »

Jack Walsh

Jack Walsh is an actor, film director, film producer and screenwriter. more »

Jack Wareham

Jack Wareham is a cinematographer and a film director. more »

Jack Weatherley

Jack Weatherley is a film director, film producer and screenwriter. more »

Jack Webb

John Randolph "Jack" Webb, also known by the pen names John Randolph and Preston Wood, was an... more »

Jack Weis

Jack Weis is a film director. more »

Jack White

Jack White was an American film producer, director and writer. His career with film began in the... more »

Jack Willis

Jack Willis is journalist, writer and filmmaker. more »