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A. I. Bezzerides

A.I. " Buzz" Bezzerides was an American novelist and screenwriter, best known for writing Noir... more »

A.E. Thomas

A.E. Thomas is a film story contributor. more »

A.J. Wallace

A.J. Wallace is a writer. more »

A.K. Aggarwal

A.K. Aggarwal is a film story contributor. more »

Aaron Mendelsohn

Aaron Mendelsohn is a television producer, actor, screenwriter and businessperson. more »

Aaron Richard Golub

Aaron Richard Golub is a lawyer, film producer and screenwriter. more »

Abdraxman Şakirov

Abdraxman Şakirov is a writer. more »

Abdul Williams

Abdul Williams is a film writer and story contributor. more »

Abraham Kovoor

Abraham Thomas Kovoor was an Indian professor and rationalist who gained prominence after... more »

Ádám Bodor

Ádám Bodor is an award-winning Hungarian author of Transylvanian Hungarian origin. more »

Adam Fowler

Adam Fowler is a film story contributor. more »

Adam Frattasio

Adam Frattasio is the author of the novel "Goon: The True Story of an Unlikely Journey into... more »

Adelaide Heilbron

Adelaide Heilbron was a screenwriter. more »

Adelaide Manola Hughes

Adelaide Manola Hughes was a writer. more »

Adele S. Buffington

Adele S. Buffington was a screenwriter more »

Adrian Butchart

Adrian Butchart is an award winning British screenwriter and film producer. In 2003 Butchart... more »

Adriano Bolzoni

Adriano Bolzoni was an Italian journalist, writer and film director. more »

Advaita Mallabarmana

Advaita Mallabarmana was a Bengali writer. He was born in the village Gokarnoghat on Titas River... more »

Aeneas MacKenzie

Aeneas MacKenzie, or Æneas MacKenzie, was a Scottish-American screenwriter. MacKenzie wrote many... more »

Agnes Bristow

Agnes Bristow is a Writer. more »

Aist Sergeyev

Aist Sergeyev is a writer. more »

Akira Yoshimura

Akira Yoshimura was a prize winning Japanese writer. He was the president of the Japanese... more »

Al Wilson

Al Wilson is a film story contributor. more »

Al Zimbalist

Alfred N. Zimbalist was a producer of low-budget films such as Robot Monster, Monster from Green... more »

Alan Hackney

Alan Charles Langley Hackney was an English novelist and screenwriter. He was educated at... more »