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B. Vittalacharya

B.Vithalacharya or B.Vittala Acharya was a popular director and producer of Telugu and Kannada... more »

B.A. Brooks

B.A. Brooks is a film director, film editor and film producer. more »

B.A. Smith

B.A. Smith is a film director and a screenwriter. more »

B.E. Doxat-Pratt

B.E. Doxat-Pratt was a screenwriter and film director. more »

B.I. Rosen

B.I. Rosen is the screenwriter, producer and director of the film The Last Generation. more »

B.J. Patel

B.J. Patel is a film director. more »

B.J. Schwartz

B.J. Schwartz is a film producer, a film director a screenwriter. more »

B.J. West

B.J. West is a film director, editor, screenwriter, cinematographer and production designer. more »

B.J. Winfrey

B.J. Winfrey is an actor, film director, screenwriter, film producer and film editor. more »

B.K. Adarsh

B. K . Adarsh is a well known Bollywood trade reporter and film critic. In the past he has... more »

B.L. Nandana Rao

B.L. Nandana Rao is a film director. more »

B.L. Rawal

B.L. Rawal is a film producer. more »

B.Nagi Reddy

Bommireddy Nagi Reddy was a Telugu movie producer. He set up Vijaya Vauhini Studios in Chennai,... more »

B.S. Ghad

B.S. Ghad is a film director. more »

B.S. Glaad

B.S. Glaad is a film editor. more »

B.S. Johnson

Bryan Stanley Johnson was an English experimental novelist, poet, literary critic, producer of... more »

B.S. Shaad

B.S. Shaad is a film producer. more »

B.S. Thapa

B.S. Thapa is a film director and an actor. more »

B.V. Nandini Reddy

Nandini Reddy is an Indian film director. She debuted with a Telugu language film, Ala Modalaindi. more »

B.V. Warerkar

B.V. Warerkar is a film director and screenwriter. more »

B.V.S.N. Prasad

B.V.S.N. Prasad is a film producer. more »


B.V.S.Ravi is an Indian dialogue and story writer who works in the Telugu film industry. His... more »

B.V.V. Chowdhary

B.V.V. Chowdhary has written and directed film Dammunnodu. more »

B.Z. Goldberg

B.Z. Goldberg is a film producer and director. more »

Bá Son Dào

Bá Son Dào is a film director. more »

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