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Bülent Isbilen

Bülent Isbilen is a Tv director. more »

Bulmaro Osornio

Bulmaro Osornio is a film editor, director, and screenwriter. more »

Bun Yuen

Bun Yuen is an actor and a stunt coordinator. more »

Bunchou Yoshino

Bunchou Yoshino is a film director. more »

Bunee Tomlinson

Bunee Tomlinson is a film director, film editor and cinematographer. more »

Bungle Shama Rao Dwarakanath

Bungle Shama Rao Dwarakanath, better known as Dwarakish, is an actor, director and producer in... more »

Bunny Luv

Bunny Luv is the stage name of an American pornographic actress and director. Luv entered the... more »

Bunny Schendler

Bunny Schendler is a film director. more »

Buntarō Futagawa

Buntarō Futagawa was a pioneering Japanese film director and writer. So far, only two of his... more »

Bunthivy Nou

Bunthivy Nou is an actress, film producer, director, and editor. more »

Bunty Soorma

Bunty Soorma is a film producer. more »

Bunyo Kimura

Bunyo Kimura is a film director. more »

Burak Aksak

Burak Aksak is a screenwriter, actor, television and film director. more »

Burçak Kaygun

Burçak Kaygun is a painter and video artist. more »

Burgess Meredith

Oliver Burgess Meredith, known professionally as Burgess Meredith, was an American actor in... more »

Burkay Dogan

Burkay Doğan is a film director, film producer, screenwriter and cinematographer. more »

Burke Lewis

Burke Lewis is a film editor, director and cinematographer. more »

Burke Roberts

Burke Roberts is an actor, film director, producer and screenwriter. more »

Burkhardt Wunderlich

Burkhardt Wunderlich is a screenwriter and film director. more »

Burleigh Smith

Burleigh Smith is an Australian screenwriter, film director and actor. His films centre on... more »

Burnie Burns

Michael "Burnie" Burns is an American independent filmmaker living in Austin, Texas. He is best... more »

Burny Mattinson

Burnett "Burny" Mattinson is an American story-boarder for the Disney Feature Animation studio... more »

Burr Steers

Burr Gore Steers is an American actor, screenwriter, and director; notable films include Igby... more »

Burt Balaban

Burt Balaban is a film director. more »

Burt Brinckerhoff

Burton Field "Burt" Brinckerhoff is an American actor, director, and producer best known for... more »

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